Today in this video we are going to share some very quick treatments to get rid of ACNE on your face. ACNE is one of the common skin problem that can appear on your skin any time.

Although with the help of make up you can hide all those pimples but no one can beat natural flawless skin. So please try these remedies for sure and share results in comments section below

Spot Treatment #1 – Essential oil

For this remedy you can use either tea tree or lavender oil

Just take a tiny drop of this oil and apply it on your zits. Leave it overnight on your face

Make sure your face is clean and dry before doing this treatment

Spot Treatment #2 – With Basil Leaves

Boil 1 cup of drinking water

Add 1 tablespoon of dried basil leaves in this water and let it infuse for 10 minutes

Strain it and keep it in refrigerator

With the help of cotton ball apply this mixture on your acne and let it act whole night on your zit

If you have oily ski, you can apply this mixture all over your face too

Spot Treatment #3 – Orange Peel

Take a small part of orange peel. Sprinkle some water on this and rub it on your zits

Make sure you are very gentle, while rubbing it on your zits. Now put peel on your acne and tape it there for whole night .

Spot Treatment #4 – Green Tea Ice Cubes

Pour some green tea in ice tray and let it freeze. Your spot treatment is ready to use

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Just rub one of those ice cube over the blemish area two or three times a day. Swelling will go down, skin will be soothed, and the green tea acts as an astringent.

Spot Treatment #5 – DIY Anti-Acne Cream

To make your own anti-acne cream you will need lanolin, glycerin and castor oil. Take equal amount of each and mix it well, your cream is ready

Apply this mixture in your acne and leave it overnight

Spot Treatment #6 – Garlic Treatment

I know it sounds very stinky when you think about applying it on your face but believe me it can do wonder

Peel a clove of garlic and then mush it up well with a fork. Apply the mush to your pimples and let it set for 20 minutes.

Spot Treatment #7 – Spicy Milk Treatment

For this remedy you will need

A quarter cup of milk

1 tsp nutmeg

2 tsp of cloves

Add nutmeg and cloves in milk. Heat this mix on low flame for 10 minutes

Let it cool

Strain this mixture and your remedy is ready to use

With the help of cotton ball apply this all over your zits or you can apply this all over your face too

Spot Treatment #8 – Lemon With Rose Water

Mix 1 tsp rosewater with 1/2 tsp lemon juice and your remedy is ready.

Apply this concoction on your acne and leave it for whole night.

The astringent properties in lemon juice will suck out some of the oil and shrink the blemish.

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Spot Treatment #9 – Honey Bandaid Treatment

Apply a light layer of honey on your pimple.  Cover this with a bandaid, and sleep with the bandaid on. In the morning, remove the bandage, be amazed at the lack of pimple, and rinse your face well.

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