Flaunting beautiful, healthy hair does not necessarily mean using branded hair care products or undergoing expensive hair care treatments at high-end salons. There are some home remedies right in your kitchen that can give you those healthy and long tresses. If you want strong, long, thick and healthy hair here are 10 amazing hair tips for you.

10 Hair Tips for Keeping it Healthy
10 Hair Tips for Keeping it Healthy

  1. Always Keep Your Hair Protected

Your hair is likely to be damaged by regular exposure to the sun and also by regular exposure to dirt and pollutants in the air. Your hair will become dry and brittle and will break off easily. Your hair will lose its lustre and you may also have dandruff in your hair. To avoid these problems always protect your hair with a hat or an umbrella.

  • Be Gentle with Wet Hair

Wet hair is fragile and delicate and needs to be carefully dealt with. If you brush wet hair roughly, your hair will break off from the roots and you will experience unnatural hair fall. So try and avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. Wait for it to be dry enough for brushing. Additionally, be gentle with your hair when applying shampoo.

  • Condition Your Hair Regularly

Applying conditioner to your hair will keep it smooth and soft. It will prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle. When applying conditioner, always ensure that you apply it only to the hair strands. You should never apply conditioner to your scalp because it will make your scalp oily and will also be difficult to wash off.

  • Make Loose Braids When You Sleep

Do not braid your hair tightly before going to bed. This will only cause your hair to break off. On the other hand, leaving your hair open will damage your hair and cause split ends. It will also be tangled and will be difficult to comb. So braid your hair loosely to protect your hair and keep it damage free.

  • Brush Your Hair Regularly

Regular brushing is the key to healthy hair. It keeps your hair untangled. It also adds shine to your hair by spreading the natural oils on your hair. Do avoid using plastic combs as they increase hair breakage. Use wooden combs instead to protect your hair.

  • Do Not Use Hair Ties

Hair ties are usually too tight. They tend to pull your hair. This causes hair fall and also damages your hairline. Use scrunchies or cloth hair ties that are not too tight for your hair and minimize hair damage.

  • Apply Little to No Heat

Using heat may be a simple way to style your hair. But this causes immense damage to your hair and hair follicles. It makes your hair rough and brittle and leads to hair loss. To avoid this, try avoiding the heat. Apply heat only occasionally so as to prevent hair loss.

  • Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

Always wash your hair with normal cold water. Even when you take a shower in hot water, do not wash your hair with the same water. Use cold water for your hair to prevent heat damage. Alternatively, wear a shower cap.

  • Oil Your Hair as Often as Possible

Oiling is good for your hair. It will keep your hair strong, smooth and shiny. It will also give you healthy hair. While oiling your hair, always choose the oil that is right for your hair type.

  • Eat healthily

The most important requirement for healthy hair is to eat healthily. Add more green vegetables to your diet. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach can help in hair growth. It will also help you to prevent hair fall.


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