First of all, if you are expecting a baby, congratulations to you. Pregnancy is a tough and beautiful phase, where the body goes through a lot of changes. The hormonal changes in the body affect the skin too. As we know its advised to take extra care of a pregnant woman, she needs to have regular check-ups and nutritious food and a good environment. Another point we need to take in mind is taking proper care of the skin too.

10 skin care tips for early pregnancy
10 skin care tips for early pregnancy

Here are ten simple beauty tips for a glowing pregnancy:

  1. Drinking plenty amount of water –

    Yes, the first and foremost point is staying hydrated. At least two litres of water is necessary for a day to stay hydrated. Pregnancy can cause dry and dull skin. Drinking the right amount of water will flush out the toxins and impurities of your skin.

  2. The right amount of sleep –

    It is very important to sleep at least for 8 hours of happy and sound sleep. Getting a good amount of sleep will avoid dark circles and the stressed look of the skin.

  3. Eating healthy and right food –

    First of all, you should ask your doctor for diet restrictions and suggestions. Then, it is very important for your skin as well as your body to take proper nutrients. Vitamins and minerals keep your skin young and fresh. Eat a lot of veggies and fruits for a healthy skin.

  4. Avoiding those stretch marks –

    Stretch marks are really common during pregnancy, to avoid it one must massage the skin with oil like coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. You can also use shea butter.

  5. Keeping your skin clean –

    Keeping your skin clean is the key to good skin. Cleaning out the dirt and impurities from the pores of your skin will avoid acne and pimples too. During pregnancy, breakouts can happen as a cause of hormonal changes in your body. To avoid that you must take proper skin of your skin. Use fewer chemicals on your face.

  6. Don’t spend too much time in the sun –

    Spending too much time in the harsh sun will cause burn and since it is not suggested to put sunscreens, which might contain chemicals, you should avoid the sun. Your skin also might be extra sensitive during pregnancy.

  7. Exercise and yoga –

    Light exercises during pregnancy or yoga while improving blood circulation. It will bring out the glow on your skin and it will make you happy and active. You will develop a good sleep cycle too.

  8. Use less makeup –

    As mentioned earlier, during pregnancy the skin might be more sensitive than usual, so, it is advisable to reduce the amount of makeup on your skin. Use light makeup. Heavy products might elevate more problems on the skin.

  9. Do not exfoliate your skin more –

    Exfoliating your skin is not going to help at all. So it is a big no-no to exfoliate your skin. Just simple and gentle cleansing is fine.

  10. Avoid stress –

    Stressing over your skin or any other issue is not good for health as well as the skin. Massages and good sleep and a happy mind will lead to fewer skin problems.

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