There are a few habits which can actually make one’s periods even more uncomfortable. Generally, the most common complaints during periods are cramps, bloating and mood swings. All of these may get aggravated due to certain habits. Here is a list of 10 things women and girls must never do during their periods.

10 things Girls Must Never Do During their Periods
10 things Girls Must Never Do During their Periods

Have too much dairy

There is a scientific reason for avoiding too much dairy during the menstrual cycle. Many women experience painful cramps while on their periods. The pain could actually get increased in intensity when having too many dairy products such as milk, cheese or yoghurt. While they may be great sources of calcium, they also contain arachidonic acids which can trigger cramps.

Have spicy or salty food

Food high in the salt content or containing too many spices can actually lead to bloating. Excessive salt consumption leads to water retention in the body which not only causes discomfort but also worsens cramps. Hence, foods containing high levels of sodium, mostly junk food must be avoided.

Have a breast exam

The breasts are very sensitive to hormone levels in the body. During menstruation, the levels of hormones are drastically different in the sense that these fluctuations may make the breasts tender and swollen. Apart from this, the formation of harmless and temporary cysts is also common during menstruation. This can make the breast exam very uncomfortable. Hence, the monthly breast exam must be scheduled after the periods are over.

Avoid physical activity

While this may seem like a completely normal and legitimate routine to follow, inactivity during menstruation can actually make one feel a lot worse. While it is definite that girls must take rest while being on their periods to ease up the cramps, not moving at all will not be helpful. Doctors suggest that mild exercise after the pain has subsided can reduce the cramps and also improve mood.

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Eat too many sugar treats

Excessive sugar consumption actually leads to more problems and can make women feel cranky and annoyed. It may also induce laziness and hence, processed sugars, especially the ones present in sweets, candies and ice creams must be avoided.

Use the same menstrual protection throughout the day

Using one pad for the entire day or not changing the tampon regularly as required can be quite harmful and lead to itching. Moreover, this can escalate into poor hygiene issues and give rise to lots of germs as well. Generally, it is recommended changing pads every 6-7 hours.

Use scented cleaning products

Using scented products or soaps to clean the vaginal area can irritate the sensitive skin. This is why it is advised to take a bath daily and clean the area with plain lukewarm water in order to get rid of the odour.

Take too many painkillers

Painkillers are usually the instant way of getting rid of cramps but they can lead to health complications later on and have many long term side effects. Instead of depending on a painkiller to ease the pain, doing yoga regularly and using heating pads can be helpful.

Wax the skin

The skin becomes more sensitive during the periods due to fluctuations in the hormone levels. This makes the pain receptors more sensitive and the process of waxing may become more painful.

Engage in unprotected sex

The chances of getting pregnant while on the periods are rare but it is still possible. Hence, having unprotected sex during the periods is definitely not recommended when you don’t plan on conceiving any time soon.

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