Which girl on this planet doesn’t want to look absolutely enchanting on her D-Day? While you might be getting that natural instinct and urge to concoct a range of monthly facials about six months prior to your wedding, taking a few natural DIY tips into account well beforehand can impact you in a much greater way than you ever thought. Us women have thought about being the perfect bride ever since we were little girls. While it’s very much a day of celebration, joy, grandeur, and makes one dive into ecstasy, it’s also a period of great distress and worries regarding choosing the perfect photographer, wedding location, and a lot more. Even if you have that perfect ‘bridal’ look in your mind, shaping it into reality requires a lot more effort than you just ever thought. Listed below are 5 easy DIY beauty tips that will overpower cosmetics and do justice more than any other salon treatment.

5 Effective DIY Beauty Tips to Look Ravishing on Your Wedding
5 Effective DIY Beauty Tips to Look Ravishing on Your Wedding

I) Flawless Hands, Feet, and Homemade Face Packs

  • Try keeping your hands and feet soft, moist, and supple by rubbing olive oil on them before you doze off at night. Following this will help you in keeping your dry feet and hands at bay, giving you a soft skin in return.
  • Whenever you bathe, always ensure that you use a pumice stone onto your feet.
  • Also, if the nails of both your hands and feet are well-polished and well-groomed, or even styled, then it will just add an extra charm to your aura and you’ll be able to attract a lot more people with your prepossessing look.
  • Additionally, you could always prepare a fruit facial pack at home with the help of mashed papayas, mashed apples, and mashed strawberries and use them regularly.
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II) A Natural Glowing Skin

  • The secret to acquiring a naturally glowing skin is pretty much feasible and easy.
  1. You just need to carefully intermix all the ingredients, such as organic coconut oil, granules of sugar, ground coffee, and capsules of Vitamin E, (which is optional.)
  2. Then, a natural and effectual body scrub will be procured that will further leave an everlasting effect on your skin, giving it a baby-like touch and will make you glow naturally from within too.
  3. It is advised to carry this out at least once a week in order to truly achieve fruitful results.
  • Alternatively, you could even opt for a full body massage oil once in every 2 weeks and put natural oils, like coconut oil, or almond oil to use. Such massages will further soothe your mind and body.

III) Bewitching Eyes

According to Dr Talakoub, a renowned dermatologist, applying a brightening eye cream (suffused with Vitamin C) lightens dark under eye circles and the extrinsic massage augments lymphatic drainage and lessens morning under-eye puffiness.

IV) Exfoliation

It’ acts as a ‘focal point’ to tackle dull skin, fine lines, and wrinkles and no foundation can be deemed ‘perfect’ without a smooth, exfoliated base.

V) A Nutritious Diet

Sufficient vitamins and protein intake and the consumption of legumes and green leafy vegetables that are rich in iron are absolutely quintessential to maintain your fitness quotient and keep that healthy glow intact on your skin.

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