Most women complain of collectively uncomfortable symptoms while being on their periods. There are several daily life habits which may be contributing to the discomfort that we experience during this time. Here are some changes you can make and some habits that you can quit in order to reduce the discomfort during periods:

7 Bad Habits That You Must Break During Periods
7 Bad Habits That You Must Break During Periods

Avoiding Physical Activity

While women are menstruating, it is quite a common complain to feel fatigued and tired. Additionally, cramps may also force one to avoid physical activity. However, doing mild physical activities such as walking or even mild exercise can not only help in getting rid of the pain but also help in improving the mood. There is sufficient research to show that doing yoga and other pelvic exercises regularly can decrease the intensity of the menstrual cramps and also help in alleviating the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Giving in to the Sugar Cravings

Another common thing that many women report while being on their periods is that they have an excessive craving for eating sugary treats. However, eating excessive sugar may provide a temporary high which is actually a sugar rush caused due to excessive glucose in the bloodstream. As soon as the sugar wears off, one may experience a mood swing and feel too tired. Hence, it is better to remain on a healthy and nutrient-rich diet rather than consuming empty calories.

Ignoring Hygiene

It is imperative to take care of intimate hygiene while on periods. Not maintain hygiene and not changing the sanitary napkins or tampons every few hours may lead to the spreading of germs which can cause itching, foul odour and other infections. It is not recommended to use harsh cleansing soaps to clean the intimate area. Lukewarm water and other gentle cleansers specially made for being used on the private region can be of great help.

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Depending on Pain Killers

It is well known that consuming pain killers can lead to side effects. Excessive dependence on pain killers can have long term side effects such as kidney problems and ulcers. It is, therefore, recommend using natural remedies for getting rid of menstrual cramps. A warm compress can be very helpful in alleviating the pain. However, in the case of excessive pain, a doctor must be consulted.

Not Taking Enough Rest

Restful sleep can be very helpful in overcoming the tiredness and fatigue that is commonly associated with menstruation. Also, one should also make sure that they remain hydrated by drinking 6-7 glasses of water in a day.

Having Spicy Food

Eating too much salty food and spicy food can not only irritate the digestive system but will also lead to bloating as high salt amount in the body causes water retention. It may also potentially worsen the cramps.

Not Practicing Safe Sex

It is a common myth that one can have unprotected sexual intercourse during periods as the chances of getting pregnant are negligible. However, this is not true. As per the doctors, while the chances of conceiving may be low during this time, it is not absolutely impossible to get pregnant. Hence, unless planned otherwise, it is not recommended to engage in unprotected sex.

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