Once you put on the weight, it’s hard to lose them. Especially if you are a vegetarian, you need to follow a strict regime to lose those excess calories. If you follow the 7-day weight loss diet plan, you can quickly end up losing at least 1 kg per week.

We have prepared a day wise diet plan from Sunday to Saturday that you can follow to lose your weight if you are a vegetarian. When you wake up in the morning, drink lemon water even before you brush your teeth. When you face hunger pangs apart from having food, you can eat a fruit or drink any juice. Most importantly, drink 7-8 glasses of water daily.

Day 1 – Sunday

In the breakfast, please include oats that are cooked in milk and is enriched with dry fruits such as almond and cashews. Drink a glass of juice of any fruit of your choice.

During the lunch, you can include rice and daal combined with any vegetable of your choice. Drink juice (lemon or orange juice most preferred) after completing your food. In the dinner, you can include 2-3 chapattis with daal along with cucumber & tomato salad.

Day 2 – Monday

Take cornflakes (any flavour such as strawberry) with milk. Have salads, dry fruits along with any fruit juice. In the lunch, you can have spinach vegetables along with two chapattis, one bowl rice, and lentils. You can also include one cup yoghurt.

During dinner-time, you can have fruits and vegetable salad, a bowl of daal or vegetable soup and coconut water.

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Day 3 – Tuesday

Include one cup of muesli, fruit salad, a glass of skimmed milk without sugar and any vegetable soup in your breakfast. During lunch, have a bowl of daal-rice along with boiled salads. Drink buttermilk afterwards.

In the dinner, take a vegetable sandwich, fruits or vegetables salad along with a glass juice of the orange.

Day 4 – Wednesday

In the breakfast take strawberry and banana milkshake along with oats. Include a small bowl of dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, etc. In the lunch, take three chapattis with boiled vegetables. Drink a bowl of lentils or any vegetable soup.

In the dinner, include salads made up of cucumber, tomato, carrot, onion, etc. Drink a glass of any fruit juice.

Day 5 – Thursday

During breakfast, take your favourite fruit (maybe apple, guava or any such), a glass of skimmed milk and few dry nuts. During lunch-time, eat a vegetable sandwich and boiled vegetable salad. Have a bowl of yoghurt afterwards. In the dinner, drink a bowl of vegetable soup along with a fruit juice.

Day 6 – Friday

In the breakfast, take fruit salad along with a bowl of vegetable juice. Also, drink a glass of juice of any fruit. In the afternoon while having lunch have a bowl of curd-rice. Then take the vegetable salad. In the dinner, take vegetable salad along with a glass of turmeric-milk

Day 7 – Saturday

During the breakfast, have one vegetable sandwich that is not spicy at all. Then drink a glass of skimmed milk. In the lunch, you can take daal-rice along with the boiled vegetable. In the dinner, include fruit or vegetable salad along with a bowl of yoghurt.

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