Our skin has tiny holes which are called pores. Due to oil secretion from facial hormonal glands and lots of impurities, these pores get clogged, and acne start developing which can be very annoying. Pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads – these all are different forms of acne. It happens to be the most common skin condition that affects both men and women. Most people are affected by acne when they reach puberty, but it can arise at any age. Although not a dangerous condition, it looks irritating and leaves scars on the skin that doesn’t look good.

Anti Acne Neem Face Pack With Clove And Turmeric
Anti Acne Neem Face Pack With Clove And Turmeric

A lot of us start worrying whenever we develop pimples. We start thinking about going to a doctor and seek the treatment. But do you know you don’t need to go to a doctor for the treatment of acne? There are a number of natural remedies through which you can successfully treat acne. Depending upon your skin type, you just need to know which solution will suit you best.

Out of all the products that are used to treat acne, neem is one of the most used remedies. Let’s see how to prepare the neem face pack along with cloves and turmeric.

Ingredients required:

  • Neem extracts or neem powder – 2 tablespoon
  • Turmeric powder – few pinches
  • Cloves (in powdered form) – one tablespoon
  • Rose water – 1 tablespoon
  • Essential oil (lavender or coconut) – few drops

Steps to prepare this face pack:

  1. Take a small bowl and add all the ingredients, i.e. neem extracts or powder, turmeric powder, cloves powder and add some amount of water to it. If the face pack is too thick, then add some more amount of water to it.
  2. Apply this face pack all over your facial skin, where you have developed pimples. You can use a facial brush to apply the pack evenly.
  3. Leave it to dry for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. When it dries, wash it thoroughly with regular water.
  5. To get better results, apply this face pack every alternate day, i.e. three to four times in the week.
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This remedy is one of the best ways to removes acne. When acne becomes fine, it leaves a deep scar or pigmentation on the face which doesn’t look nice. The best part of this face pack is that along with healing acne, and it heals the scar as well which vanishes without any mark.

Neem comes with anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the redness caused due to acne and kills the microbes. It is rich in Vitamin E, emollients, etc. and acts promptly in acne’s case. Clove powder has medicinal properties that help to heal the acne internally. Turmeric helps to lighten the acne scar and nourishes the skin. Rose water provides much-needed freshness.

Apart from this home-based remedy, one can also treat acne by following some basic rules. These are:

  • Stop eating oily and junk food. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink fresh juice since they have got lots of water content.
  • Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
  • Avoid going out often in the sun. If it’s essential, then apply a good quality sunscreen on the face and other visible areas.

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