The days to sit with the foil sheets on hair for hours to get hair colored are gone. Balayage has become the recent trend and is revolving around the hair world with promising sassy looks. This hair dying trend has kept an endpoint to all those time consuming traditional methods. The balayage technique also offers you a perfectly natural and sun-kissed look to your hair. The blending of colors remains to be as smooth as butter on your hair. One of the most important factors is that it does not cause any hair damages. It makes your scalp and hair to be safe as it is done without touching your roots.

Going to salons can be very essential for some of the complex color shades. But still, for the basic colors, you can try by yourself at home.

Many women think that hair coloring will go well only with long or medium hair. But short hairs are no more a problem for trying out cool colors. In this article, I have explained the step by step process of how to do balayage hair color at home. I have listed a few trendy hairstyles for short hair with different colors. Some of the frequently asked questions about balayage hair color are also specified with appropriate explanations.

Balayage Short Hair At Home
Trendy Cool Hair Styles For Short Hair

Balayage Short Hair
Balayage Short Hair

Balayage Short Hair At Home

You’ll Need:

Applicator brush 1
Small bowl 1
Comb 1
Bobby pin As per the requirement
Foil sheets As per the requirement
Hand gloves 1 pair

Directions For Use

Step 1:  Buy The product And Read The Instructions On The Box

Get the balayage kit of your favorite color that you wanted to put on your hair. This color can be decided based on the base color of your hair. You can also seek advice from the professionals or hair colorist in choosing the appropriate colors. These kits will be available both in the local markets or online stores. Choosing an appropriate brand is also essential for obtaining proper results. So, it is better if you do a research on all the top brands that are being used for this technique. Read all the pros and cons of the product clearly. Then plan to buy the brand that would suit your hair well.

Whenever you apply any hair color[1], creams or paste on your hair, it is very important to read the given instructions. You should never omit it and start with the process. Be clear with all the instructions and the procedure before you start doing it. Reading these instructions will help you in preventing any mistakes from occurring it. Make sure that you are aware of all the do’s and don’ts in doing this hair treatment. After reading the instruction, prepare the mask that should be applied according to those instructions. Wear your gloves during this process. This is because applying the mask with bare hands might cause any allergic reactions.

Step 2: Comb Your Hair And Divide Into Sections

Take a comb and start brushing your hair. Slowly remove all the tangles and the knots in your hair with the comb. Then divide your hair into four equal sections. This can make the process easy while applying the hair color on your hair. You can pin all the sections separately using a few bobby pins or clips against your head. This can prevent the remaining portion of your hair from getting disturbed while applying the hair color.

Always start from the front portion while applying the hair dye[2]. Pin all the other sections except the first section. Now take divide that section of hair into a few portions.  If you are trying this for the first time, then it is better if you take thinner portions of your hair.

Start combing your hair from the ends towards the upper region. This will make the ends of your hair to be straight and free from any knots. We will be applying the color only to the ends of your hair starting from the middle portion. So, making this free from any tangles is very necessary. Comb it till you reach near the upper portion of your hair and leave it as such.

Step 3: Allergy Test On Your Hair

Testing the hair color or dye before applying it entirely is very essential. Every time you start to use a new product or a new brand, it is important to do the allergy test. You can avoid any severe skin problems[3] or issues with the help of this. If you don’t face any of the issues, then you can continue using that product or brand on your hair.

Directions To Perform The Test

  1. Mix a small amount of hair color that you are going to use on your hair.
  2. Then take a small cotton swab and dip it inside the hair color or dye mixture. Apply it on the inner portions of your body like the elbow or hands.
  3. Use the cotton and apply it on the skin region in a small amount. Then allow it to get dry for 48 hours.
  4. Notice and observe the changes.
  5. If you get any itching or burning sensation, then wash the applied area with warm or cold water.
  6. If you find any symptoms like itching, burning and inflammation, change the brand of the hair color you are going to use. Do not prefer for the same as it might cause any serious hair problems.

Step 4: Apply The Hair Dye

Mix and prepare the hair dye mixture as per the guidelines that are given in the box. Use a small bowl for mixing the hair dye mixture. Put your hand gloves while starting to mix. When it gets spread on your hands, it might cause any allergic reactions. So be cautious when you start with the process. Use an applicator brush for mixing the hair dye[4] mixture. Do not use bare hands for mixing it. Stir the mixture well until it attains proper proportion.

Now take the combed part of your hair and start applying the hair color mixture on it. Do not apply the mixture on the roots of your hair. Applying it on the roots might lead to hair problems like hair fall[5], follicle damage or any scalp damages. So, apply the hair dye mixture starting from the middle portion of your hair until you reach the ends of your hair. Coat your hair with the hair dye mixture twice or thrice until all your hair is entirely covered.

Step 5: Cover Your Hair With A Foil Sheet

After coating the hair with the hair color mixture, it is important to make it safe and secure. Now take a small foil sheet of length more than your hair. Place the hair dye coated part of your hair on the foil sheet. Roll the sheet around your hair by covering the hair. Make sure that the entire coated portion of your hair is covered within the foil sheet. Also, make sure that the applied colors do not blend on the roots of your hair.

Once the coated portions of your hair are safe and secure, then you can start with the next portion of your hair. Follow the same procedure for the other portions of your hair on the first section.

Step 6: Apply To The Other Sections

Once you are done with one section of your hair, you can start with another section. Do not remove the bobby pins before finishing one section of your hair. This might disturb the application process of your hair. It might also get stuck with the unapplied portions of your hair. So you should be very careful while doing this.

Once you are done with the two front sections, you can move towards the back section of your hair. This might be somewhat difficult while applying the hair color or hair dye[6] mixture. You can get help from someone for applying the hair dye mixture on your hair. You can also do it by yourself by seeing the mirror. Follow the same process for the other sections of your hair.

Step 7: Give The Finishing Touches

Once all your hair is done with the applying process, you can notice the difference between each. Some portions of our hair might have very less dye applied to it. Theother portion might have larger portions of hair dye applied to it. You might also want the highlights to be present more at the ends or in the middle portion of your hair. Some might want it at the bends of your hair. So, depending upon your choices of highlights give the final touches for your hair. Recoat the areas where you want the highlights to be darker and thicker. You can also remove some portion of your hair dye from your hair where you want to make it lighter. Some may also find some excess amount of hair dye on some of the parts. You can remove those portions from your hair with the help of foil sheets or using your hands covered by gloves. Remember not to remove your gloves until the entire process is done.

Step 8: Rinse Your Hair And Dry It

Now leave your hair undisturbed for the specified duration that is given in the box. Leave the foil sheets on your hair hanging. Do not remove it from your hair[7], as it might disturb the color from getting attached to your hair. After the specified duration, start removing the foil sheets from your hair. Do not wait for more time after the specified duration. This will not give any benefits if you wait for a longer duration. The chemicals present in the hair dye mixture might cause any damages to your hair. So, follow the deadlines correctly without any mismatch.

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Now at first rinse your hair completely with warm or cold water. Do not use hot water for washing your hair. This might affect the hair follicles and cause any damages or might lead to hair fall. Then start washing your hair with a mild shampoo followed by a mild conditioner. Always prefer using sulfate, chlorine and ammonia free shampoos and conditioners for washing your hair[8]. Sulfate, ammonia and chlorine can strip all the nutrients and the applied hair color from your hair. So, avoid using these while washing your hair. After washing allow it to dry or use a blow dryer to dry your hair.

Balayage Short Hair – Trendy Cool Hair Styles

Short Hair Blonde
Edgy Red Short Hair
Orangey Blonde With Pink: A-line Short Bob Cut
Brown And Blonde Boy Cut
High Contrast
Soft Contrast
Grey And Silver With Curls
Cherry Pixie
Ice Cold Asymmetrical
Platinum And Green Messy Pixie
Dirty Flamingo
Black And Blue Long Pixie
Bowl Cut
Unicorn Balayage
Fiery Gradient
Waves With Crazy Colors

Balayage Short Hair Blonde

This wavy hairstyle makes your short hair to look more voluminous and denser. The small waves start from the roots of your hair reaching till the end of your hair. A dark brown and a golden color blonde will be given to your hair. This makes the ends of your hair look more shiny and bright. This blonde on your hair[9] gives a definite shape to the waves in your hair. It gives a bouncy look to those waves that make your hair look more voluminous. The back portion of your head will contain very short length hair. This gives you a stunning bossy look when you have it. The waves in your hair make you look more gorgeous with suitable apparels.


Red Balayage Short Hair

This could be one of the most creative ways of styling your hair. It suits well for the women who are lean. This will be liked by the women who want to explore out new hairstyles every time.  The haircut gives an edgy look to your hair. This will not make your hair to look voluminous[10]. So women with dense hair can try out this. Women with less dense hair can avoid this as it makes your hair look even thinner. You can add red highlights to the edges of your hair to give a complete look. This can make those edges to shine brighter.


Orangey Blonde With Pink: A-line Short Bob Cut

This hairstyle gives a perfect bob feeling when you have it. The choppy and short haircut gives you a cute look. This can be best suited for women with straight hairs. The poker straight hairs make this bob cut to look perfect in shape. Trying out new hair colors has become one of the famous fashion statements in the world. So giving an orange blonde to this bob cut can give you a stunning look.

This could be an ideal hairstyle[11] in offering a perfect natural sun-kissed moment for your hair. Those orange shades would look like a burst of natural sunshine with a radiant glow. Giving pink color to your hair strands in between the orange-colored hair makes it even more gorgeous. It might sound weird but this could be the best combination you have ever tried. The combo makes you look more bold and pretty.


Brown And Blonde Boy Cut

The name boy cut might sound very familiar and an old fashioned hair style. But the final look you obtain will not be the same as how you get in a normal boy cut. The brown blonde shades make your hair to get a different shape and appearance. It makes your hair look clear and bright. The brown shade will offer a natural look to your hair. This will not appear like you have colored or dyed your hair. This shade can be perfect for women with natural brown shaded hair.  It will look more natural and realistic after trying it. You will not get that outdated feeling which you get while hearing the name.

It makes you look stunning with a new look and appearance. Your hair will achieve the sunkissed moment naturally with this brown shade. It makes the tips of your hair to gleam with an added golden shade. This will be a very light shade which will go well with the natural color of your hair.  The blonde highlights give a finishing look to the boy cut. This hairstyle would go well with the women having round faces.


High Contrast Balayage

Achieving high contrast shade in short hair is quite a difficult task. But the final look makes you feel very satisfied and happy. The roots of your hair will not be colored. Those will have your natural dark shade hair color. Only the middle portion and the ends will be colored. Along with your hair length, the dark shade starts getting lightened. So when you reach the ends of your hair, you will have a lighter brown shade. This will create a drop effect in your hair by fading down. You will have undercuts in your hair with the natural dark brown shade. These undercuts will highlight the darker roots along with the blonded ends.


Soft Contrast Balayage

This look makes your hair to look more natural with the very soft and light texture of your hair[12]. In this style, the hair in your crown region will only be colored.  A very light texture will be given to them. This is based on the natural color of your hair. The blending of the colors will look very smooth and natural. The original texture of your hair will not be much disturbed in this hairstyle. This Soft contrast hairstyle looks perfect for women with soft and silky hair[13]. It will go well with the poker straight hairs. This will also make your hair look more voluminous and dense.


Grey And Silver With Curls

The Grey and Silver color gives a fabulous look to your hair. Women with deep grey hair can try this look to make their hair trendy. The roots of your hair will have the natural deep shades of grey. As the hair length continues, a lighter grey color will be given to your hair. To add extra shine, the ends of your hair will be given with silver color. This will give a sparkling effect to your hair. The ends of your hair can be curled to get a voluminous look. These silver curls make you look even more gorgeous and stunning. The lower part of your hair will shine brightly with the combination of grey and silver shades.


Cherry Pixie

Adding more shades from the same colors can make the blending of colors to be an easy one. It also makes the hair look with a proper texture and color. This adds a definite shape to your hair. The cherry red balayage will go well with a pixie hair cut. This hair cut will add more deepness to the different shades of cherry red.

A few different shades of cherry red will be given on your hair. It gives a complete look to your hair and face. The lighter shades make the darker shades to pop up with brightness and glow. The fine red strokes on your hair give you those dazzling looks. Those vibrant red hues make you look more charming and trendy.


Ice Cold Asymmetrical

Ice cold symmetrical hairstyle involves giving different shades of blue color highlights to your hair. The cold shades of the colors on your hair will make you look hot. The roots of your hair will be given with a dark blue color shade. This will be gradually faded away by offering lighter shades as it reaches the ends of your hair. A platinum blonde will be given to the middle shaft of your hair. This makes the blue colored roots to get blended well with the middle part of your hair.

Your hair will be given with an asymmetrical cut. This makes the blending of colors to look so attractive and bright. It makes your hair to have a unique texture by maintaining the shades of the color. A bold eye makeup along with this hairstyle can make you even more gorgeous. It adds a vibrant feel to your balayage short hair.

Platinum And Green Messy Pixie

The messy pixie hair cut leaves a few many layers of hair with a quite longer length. This offers a proper chic finish to your hair. The colors used as highlights on your hair are combinations of green and platinum color. These two colors offer a great contrasting appearance on your hair. The middle shaft region of your hair will have a leaf green shade. This will be continued with a platinum blonde while reaching the ends of your hair. It will give a subtle look to your hair. This hair color can be both light and dark at the same time.

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The color used in the highlights makes your hair look bolder and brighter. Using a dark colored lipstick with this hairstyle can offer an appealing look to you. This will also make your face to be brighter than the usual days. You can also adjust the contrast of the colors based on your preference. If you want noticeable highlights, then go for higher contrast. Rather, if you want natural looking swipe of color, then opt for low contrast.

Dirty Flamingo

Nowadays most of the women have started preferring the colors with the dirty shades. This is mostly similar to the color of the flamingo bird. The color of the flamingo feathers varies with different shades of pink starting from the lighter shades till the darker shade. So, the same variation will also appear on your hair with the pink highlights. This pink color will be accompanied with a slight dirty shade which gives your hair a dirty look. So, light shades of grey mixed with pink will be given to certain strands of your hair. The roots will have deeper color shades. This will go well with the women who have poker straight hair. It makes your hair look full and complete.

A slight layering with the varied colors can take the hairstyle to the next level. This gives a polished finishing look to your sleek and straight hair. It also changes the dimensions of your hair with an attractive look.

Black And Blue Long Pixie

Black and blue color could be the best pair of colors which could offer you a dazzling look. The electric blue color looks more vibrant when given with the black colored hair. In this long pixie hairstyle, the front portion of your hair will be longer than the other portions. This could be an ideal place where you can make those highlights to be appealing. One side of the front portion of your hair will have long hairs that could reach till your ears. So, the roots of this hair will be the base black color. The electric blue highlights will be given at the middle portion of your hair length.

The highlights will be given on a few strands of your hair rather than giving entirely. So, this will make the black and blue to give an illuminating effect on your hair. Blues often referred to be one of the cool tones among the other colors. So, this comb will be an excellent choice if you have a long pixie hairstyle. Wearing dazzling colored sunglasses like pink could enhance your appearance to a greater level.

Bowl Cut

Bowl cut could be one of the hair cuts that is being followed since ages. You might tell it as an old retro look or the outdated style. This could also be a very basic or simple hairstyle that anyone could have. But, the uniqueness in this hairstyle is not lost over the years. Even more, it has become more popular and preferable one by getting transformed into the most versatile hairstyle. This is known to be one of the best one suited for a woman with short hair.

Those contemporary edges in this hairstyle make everyone to get impressed. This could offer you a spectacular and bold appearance while having it. Adding balayage to this hairstyle could make it even more appealing. This could be one of the best choices you have ever made to look trendy. Giving some white and black shades as highlights can offer an amazing look to your hair. People with grey or white hair can prefer this hairstyle. It will make them look more modern and attractive. Those colors on your hair could add some popup and brightness to your hair.


Unicorn Balayage

Unicorn balayage could be one of the most recent trends of balayage. Women have started preferring to explore more new hair colors rather than the traditional ones. The pastels involved in this balayage would be green, pink, violet, brown and black. Each strand of your hair will be given with different shades of any of the above colors. But the texture of the colors will be maintained uniformly which provides a natural look to your hair. The variations in these colors will not be noticeable.

The colors will be placed randomly one after the other with a difference in the darkness of colors. This type of hairstyle can be done properly only by a professional. It requires a lot of experience and patience to blend the colors properly in your hair. Each and every strand of your hair should be highlighted properly with the same level of contrast. As the name indicates, this hairstyle will make you look unique and stand out from the crowd. You will absolutely love those fading in the different shades of colors.

This will also cause a dropping effect while reaching the ends of your hair. This hairstyle has its own texture which makes it be an ideal one for the women with poker straight hairs. Using the colors properly on your hair can make them look incredible. The balance between each shade of the colors should also be maintained. This could be very ideal for obtaining the proper unicorn look. This combination of colors could be absolute salt and pepper hairstyle. The variation in the colors from black to white would look amazing as it drops down.


Fiery Gradient

The fiery gradient makes your hair to look like as it is set on fire. Those bright shades give your hair a glowing look. You will have long front hairs with an undercut at the backside region. The most common shades of color used for these highlights are red, orange. The orange shade gets lightened as it moves further with the length of your hair. This color looks pale with an awesome blending. It would literally look like a flame with a gleaming look.

This could make you look hot and more trendy. The undercut in your hair will have the base or natural color of your hair. So, the orange and the base color combination will look vibrant and more stunning. Wearing a suitable cooler with this hairstyle could make it more fabulous. You will obviously be amazed by the final look it offers you. Making those long hairs to stand erect on your head could make the fiery look to be more effective. The variations in the colors from the roots to the ends of your hair will look beautiful with this.


Waves With Crazy Colors

The name might sound crazy and funny to hear. You might also think that adding more colors might not give you trendy looks. But, this type of hairstyle with crazy colors could be an eye catchy and a modern one. The messy colorful waves make you get the attention of the people. This makes you look more glamorous and unique. You get that sassy look and feel while having this hairstyle. The shades of colors used in this range from pink to purple and blonde to mint green. The different shades given as the highlights turn out to be a lovely one after finishing the entire process.


The messy waves in the hair make those colors to look more bright and attractive. You can also add more highlights where you have the waves in your hair. This could be an added advantage for enhancing your trendy look. Doing this crazy color balayage hairstyle will require a lot of practice. Only those professional with a lot of balayage experience can do it perfectly without any mismatches in the colors. The blending of those colors should go with a natural flow for a radiant look. Improper flow in the blending can spoil the entire hairstyle. Being more focused on the colors can help you in attaining the proper look. Making your hair look messy can make those colors to be more visible.


What Exactly Is Balayage?

Balayage is a term which is derived from the French and introduced by a French colorist. Unlike the other traditional foiling and the cap techniques, balayage is known to be a freehand coloring technique. It is also defined as a unique way of adding highlights to your hair. This highlighting technique can be used on all types of hair. The main goal of this technique is to offer a natural look to your hair with the added colors.

Balayage can add serious movement to your strands when you have long hair. It makes your hair to be very soft with less noticeable regrowth. The different colors used as the highlights give a multi-tonal finish at the end. The variation in the colors ranges from darker to lighter shades. The roots of your hair will have darker shades mostly the base color remains the same. And the color gets gradually lightened as you move further towards downwards reaching till the ends. This offers multiple dimensions to those colors in the highlights.

Is Ombre And Balayage The Same Thing?

No, ombre and balayage are different things. The most common differences between these two techniques are explained below.


  • Balayage is derived from the French term which means “to paint or “to sweep”. It is especially used for highlighting your hair with glorious colors.
  • It is all about how the color is being applied to your hair.
  • This will not affect all the ends of your hair.
  • In this method, the blending of color will be long and will look more natural. The transition of color will be between the darker and lighter shades of your hair. The roots will have the same color as your natural hair does.
  • The roots of your hair will not be disturbed in this balayage technique.
  • This will offer you a more natural-lived in and sun-kissed looks.
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  • Ombre is derived from a French word which means “color that is shaded or graduated in tone”.
  • This is a hair coloring technique the portion from your roots till the mid-shaft will be given with a darker shade. The remaining portion from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair will be given with a lighter shade.
  • All the ends of your hair will be affected by this technique.
  • In this, the blending of colors will occur from a darker color to the light colors. The shaded ends of your hair will be very short when compared with the balayage.
  • The fading of colors can be clearly seen in this technique. This will not look more natural as it looks in balayage.
  • The roots of your hair remain undisturbed in this technique. That will have the natural color of your hair.

Can Balayage Be Done On Short Hair?

Yes, balayage can be done on hair with a very short length. But, doing balayage on short hair can be a risky and difficult one. This is because hair length is very important for making the highlights to be more visible and proper. Making these highlights in short hair could be a great difficult task. But in the end, you will be amazed by the stunning look it offers you. It is very important to be more precise while adding highlights.

There should be a sufficient gap between the roots and the highlights. It should look more natural and lively. The blending of the darker and lighter shades should go with the proper flow. Placing the highlights at the proper positions is equally important which gives life to your hair. When it comes to short hair, it is better to prefer salons and professionals for doing this. This requires a lot of practice and experience to make your hair look good. There are many trendy hairstyles which you can opt for balayage short hair. This can add more beauty to your hair and looks.

Can Balayage Be Done On Dark Hair?

Yes, balayage can be done on dark hair. When it comes to dark hair, the shades that are chosen should be lighter. These shades are decided based upon the base color of your hair. The base color is nothing but the natural or the original color of your hair. So, there should be slight variations in the color you have chosen. The dark hair will normally have black and brown shades.

So, you can opt for lighter brown and grey shades for adding the highlights. This can offer you a more natural blended look to your hair. So, balayage on dark hair become is a quite easy one in choosing the highlights. The only time it takes is to obtain a soft and smooth texture to your hair. The final texture obtained on your hair will be a soothing and a perfect one. This will be accompanied by a hair bleach to have proper colors on your hair. The dark color gets lightened and becomes a perfect match with the highlights on your hair.

Is Balayage A Bleach?

Similar to all the other highlighting techniques, the balayage technique also requires bleaching of hair. Balayage is about giving lighter shades of the base color in your hair. So, when a color needs to be lightened, then bleaching becomes an obviously essential one. Bleaching your hair will make the process to be easier one. It offers a perfect look to your hair with the highlights. This will also help in blending the colors properly to make them look natural.

The lightness of the color in the highlights will depend on your bleaching method. If your bleach is so strong, then it will offer a light color to you. Bleach becomes an essential one if you have dark colored hair. For women with dark colored hair who wants lighter highlights, bleaching can only be the way to achieve proper blending.

How Often Do Highlights Need To Be Touched Up?

This entirely depends on the growth of your hair. For some hair growth might be faster and it might be slower for some individuals. But normally it is observed that hair grows one and half an inch every month. So it is best if you touch up the highlight every 4 to 6 weeks.  It also depends on the color you have chosen and the way it is applied. Certain methods of highlighting your hair might take a longer duration to get faded or removed. In such cases, the duration for touch up will differ.

Some dark colors used in the highlights will last longer when compared with the light colors. So, you should adjust the retouching dates according to those factors. The maximum time every color or method takes can be of about 6 weeks. So, the deadline can be fixed as six weeks. Not touching up more than this duration will make your hair to lose the balayage effect.

Is Balayage Damaging To Your Hair?

When compared with the other traditional methods, balayage is one of the safest and healthiest methods. The other methods like the traditional foils can have a lot of ill effects on your hair. But, balayage will not offer any such ill effects to your hair. Balayage does not involve saturating your hair completely in bleach or color dye. So, you will not face any damages due to the less process.

The health of your hair[14] while doing balayage also depends on the professional and the way they do it. If the method is followed properly with more precision and care, then the health of your hair will not be spoiled. While touching up the roots fo your hair, they should be more careful and specific. If there is not enough room between the roots to be touched up and the previously colored parts, then it becomes an issue. The bleach in your hair will get expanded will finally lead to hair breakage. This is often termed as chemical cut.

So, apart from this balayage will not cause any damages to your hair. It has a few beneficial factors on hair. This method makes your hair look very soft, smooth and silky. It enhances the appearance of your hair with a unique texture. Since heat is not used, there are no heat damages to your hair like the other traditional foil methods. This method also supports the growth of your hair.

Can You Get Balayage If You Have Grey Hair?

Balayage could be one of the best solutions if you have grey hair[15]. Dyeing the grey hair with the usual colors will require coloring your hair entirely. But, balayage will not require such things. The hairstylist or the colorist can target the grey hairs in particular and color them. Adding highlights to your hair can make those grey hairs to become less visible. Getting balayage to your hair would require very less maintenance when compared with the other traditional methods.

You can also choose the colors based on the number of grey hairs you have. If you have very less grey hairs, then you can choose any shades based on your choice. When you have a lot of grey hairs, then you can choose contrasting colors that would go well with the grey color. You can opt for the black and grey highlights, which would make your hair look more natural with light colors. This can also give you a trendy and a young look.

These highlights will stay on your hair for a maximum of about 4 to 6 weeks. So, you will not require retouching the highlights often. These colors can stand on your hair for a longer duration than the normal dyeing techniques. This will also involve coloring of your hair without touching the scalp and the roots. So, your hair will not face any sort of damages due to these highlights. This is one single process which would not take much of your time. So, this could be an active remedy for reducing the visibility of the grey hairs.

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Tharaa Nagendran
A passionate writer and a creative artist who loves artworks. Writing and Doodling are the two things that give me serenity. Being as a Health and Fitness content writer, I find myself more responsible. I enjoy delivering contents that helps in enhancing the lifestyles of people.

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