Every woman wants to have healthy glowing skin. To achieve this every woman has curated and assembled her own skincare routine. These routines involve many steps to be performed at different times and days and target a different aspect of your skin health. Many women also include the process of steaming into their routine. You should also consider adding a step of steaming to your regimen if you don’t have one already. That is because steaming your face can provide you with a wealth of benefits for your skin. In this post, we will educate you about facial steaming and everything related to it you might need to know about.

What is Steaming?
Benefits of Steaming
Different Methods for Steaming
Prepping Before Steaming
Recipes of Oils/Herbs to use on your specific Skin/Issues
Skin Care after Steaming
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Benefits of Steaming Face
Benefits of Steaming Face

What is Steaming?

Steaming is the process in which you soak your skin in copious amounts of hot steam for several minutes. You have to do that so, the steam can permeate your skin and pores. This provides a number of different benefits to your skin’s health. Moreover, there are many different ways to steam your face. These steps may involve using a portable steamer, a hot towel or just plain boiling water in a bowl. Steaming is simple and also an easy-to-do procedure. It certainly imbues your skin with many varied benefits for such a straightforward method.

Benefits of Steaming

Steaming is not a newly discovered phenomenon. The benefits of steam for health have known to humankind for centuries. In Roman times, hot baths were extremely common and people used to go to them practically daily. They used the process of soaking in steam to relax while also keeping their skin healthy and glowing. Now, let us have a detailed and introspective look at all the benefits which steaming can provide to your skin and face’s health. Your choice of procedure or method has no effect on these benefits which steam can provide you.

  1. Deep cleansing of your skin:Steaming[1] is great for giving your skin a deep cleanse. This is due to the warmth from the steam which opens up your pores. This results in easier cleaning of your skin. It makes it easier to remove dirt or bacteria from the surface of your skin. Furthermore, it becomes much easier to clear your skin off dead skin cells. It will open up and help clear your clogged pores. Consequently, it will help fight skin issues like whiteheads and blackheads. Hot steam on your skin causes it to sweat. This perspiration of the skin helps to cleanse it. Consequently, it gets rid of dead skin, opens skin pores and allows the skin to breathe. Steaming is a natural and effective method for cleaning your skin.
  2. Improves blood circulation in the skin:Steam increases the temperature of your skin. This is useful in dilating the blood vessels (called capillaries) in your skin. Consequently, this leads to increased blood flow and circulation. Furthermore, this helps to supply oxygen and other nutrients to your skin more effectively and efficiently. This provides your skin[2] with the radiant glow which you get after a refreshing steaming. Any change in temperature of the skin evokes a response from the body. To maintain your skin’s temperature, your pores start to sweat which helps it to cleanse your skin of dirt and impurities. It also helps lower your blood pressure.
  3. Detoxifies your skin:Toxins in your body are very harmful to your skin. They can cause many different skin issues and problems. Steaming makes it easier to rid your skin of toxins. Steaming causes your skin’s temperature to increase which in turn opens up your pores[3] and makes them perspire. This sweat from the skin will help with the ridding of toxins. Steaming your face increases the sweating from the pores by a large amount which makes it much easier to flush out the toxins from the body. A toxin free skin is healthier skin and it will be more effective in absorbing nutrients and breathing.
  4. Fights against acne and breakouts:Steaming is also a great method to prevent and fight acne and its breakouts. Acne is generally caused by clogged pores or bacteria and impurities lodged in the pores. These clogged pores can lead to skin irritation and even infection. Steaming is a good and effective method to keep your pores clean and unclogged. When hot steam comes in contact with your skin, it increases its temperature causing your pores to sweat more. Consequently, this unclogs the pores and helps clear them of any dirt, impurities, and bacteria. It also helps in getting rid of any excess sebum [4]in your pores which makes your skin more clogged and oily. Hence, steaming your face or skin opens up the pores and makes your skin cells softer. This helps to release any dirt, impurities, excess oil or blackhead plugs etc from your skin.
  5. Fights against the skin’s ageing:Steaming also helps you fight the signs of ageing[5] on your skin. Steaming your face or skin loosens the dead cells on your skin which provides a natural exfoliation. Hence, the exfoliation improves the skin cell’s turnover rate and provides your skin with a healthy radiant glow. Steaming also improves the blood circulation in the skin which improves skin’s oxygen supply and also supplies essential nutrients to the skin. This improves the general health and complexion of your skin and helps decrease any fine lines and wrinkles. Steaming increases skin’s sweating which also promotes better skin health. It makes the collagen structures of your skin healthier and better which helps fight wrinkles and sagging skin.Moreover, the older you get, the less effective your skin becomes in the production of new skin cells and the disposal of dead cells. This is what causes your skin to age and appear dull. Steaming helps to fight this problem as it loosens the dead skin cells which makes it easier to exfoliate them. Which, consequently, will reveal fresh new skin which will look younger and more firm. Overall, steaming is a highly beneficial and natural method to fight skin ageing.
  6. Improves the effectiveness of other skincare products:

    Since steaming provides a wealth of benefits like improved circulation and better skin cell turnover, it can also improve the effectiveness of other skincare remedies. Steaming your face or skin cleans your skin and pores. It removes any dirt, impurities, or excess sebum from the skin’s surface which may be causing blockages in your skin. When such blockages are removed, your skin gets better at absorbing other skincare products. Hence, you will find that using other skincare products or treatments right after a session of steaming makes them much more effective than they would be otherwise.Steaming will open up and clean your pores so that the compounds from other products will find it easier to permeate into our skin. Moreover, the products will be able to penetrate deeper into your skin to treat it and are metabolized quicker to provide faster effects.
  7. Hydrates the skin:Steaming can boost the hydration levels of the skin when used moderately and judiciously. The heat from the steam makes your skin more receptive to skincare treatments. Moreover, it becomes better at absorbing and holding in the moisture. Steaming will be extremely useful in fighting dry skin as it makes your skin more absorbent and receptive. Consequently, your skin will be much more receptive of any other moisturizing creams. However, take care to not steam too much or for too long. That is because it can strip your skin of moisture due to excessive sweating and heat.
  8. Provides relaxation:Steam has been used for a long time to provide natural relaxation to the body. Even some animals are aware of relaxation properties of steam as primates in Japan and a few other regions love to lounge in hot steaming natural pools. Steam also detoxifies the body along with relaxing it. Nowadays, people also include essential oils to their steaming procedures to enhance its relaxing properties while also nourishing the skin. Oil with sweet and relaxing aromas are used for such purposes. Hence, steaming can promote relaxation and bust your stress. That will make it easier to get a good night’s sleep and promote your general health and wellness.
  9. Helps clear the sinuses and fights its problems:Dry air or dryness is very detrimental to your sinuses. Steaming supplies moisture to your sinuses and help you to breathe better. It will even help open up and clear your sinuses[6] if they are congested. You can also add a little bit of eucalyptus essential oil to your steaming process. It will add a bonus soothing effect to your sinuses and refresh them so that you can improve your breathing.
  10. Helps to fight and prevent whiteheads and blackheads:Steaming your face is an effective remedy to get rid of your blackheads or whiteheads. The natural oil which is produced by your skin to form a barrier and keep it moisturized and nourished is called sebum. When this sebum gets stuck in follicles or clogs the pores it results in the formation of blackheads. This happens when the sebum hardens or solidifies in the pores or follicles. The heat from the steam helps to melt or liquefy this sebum hence making it easier to remove from the pores. Consequently, it will make it much easier to get rid of blackheads[7] as the blackhead plug will also be softened by the steam. Hence, it will be easier to remove. This is how steaming can help fight against blackheads or whiteheads.
  11. It is a cheap and economical skincare remedy:You can engage in steaming in an expensive spa or steam room. But you do not need to be spending large amounts of money on this effective procedure. It is very simple and straightforward to do by yourself in the comfort of your own homes. It is basically free as you will just need to expend some water and electricity or heat to achieve it. You practically do not need anything and can do this using just a pot and a towel. Hence, the benefits provided by such a simple remedy far outweighs its costs which are negligible anyway.
  12. Boosts up the collagen and elastin production in your skin:The hot steam used during steaming process increases the blood circulation in the skin. Consequently, this also leads to increased collagen and elastin production in your skin. These compounds are essential for your skin’s health. They will make your skin healthier and make it look younger and firmer.
  13. Other benefits for the whole body:

    Other than these benefits which steam can provide to your skin, there are a few other benefits too which it provides to the general health of your body. One of the benefits is that it provides decent pain relief to the body. Moist heat, which is provided by steam, is better at this than dry heat as it is capable of penetrating into the muscles. It can help to relax your sore joints and muscles. This makes it doubly useful as a post-workout routine. Moreover, steam is believed to aid in weight loss as it boosts metabolism[8]. Steaming makes your sweat which in turn helps burn more calories. The heat from steam also provides a calming effect for your body. Hence, it can also be used to relax and relieve stress. Since steaming increases and enhances your blood circulation it can also assist in reducing your blood pressure.
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By now you might have known the benefits of steaming to the health of your skin. Hence, you must be ready and eager to include it in your skincare regimen[9]. Following sections will help you figure out how to steam. Moreover, you will learn about how to prepare your skin for steaming and how to care for it after.

Different Methods for Steaming

We have already concluded that steaming is a simple and straightforward method for boosting your skin’s health. Them let us learn about a few different methods using which you can easily achieve this in your home. The first and most simple and common method of steaming is by using just a pot and boiling water.

Using hot water and a pot
Using warm towels
Using a Portable Home Facial Steamer
Using a Hot Shower

Using hot water and a pot:

This is an extremely simple method to steam your face. You will need a pot or a bowl. A sink would also work. Other than that you just need a towel, some water, and a stove or something to heat it up. Let us look at the steps to be followed.

  1. Firstly, select the spot where you plan on doing this. A table or your kitchen countertop or your sink would all work great. Make sure you choose a spot in which you can be comfortable because you will need to be still while holding the towel for a few minutes.
  2. Then, tie your hair back so that it does not get into your face. Also, cleanse your face before steaming. You can use a gentle cleanser or just wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Make sure to clean your neck too.
  3. After that, take 4 to 6 cups of water in a pot or kettle and then boil it. You can also add some herbs once it starts boiling.
  4. Then, lower the heat and cover the pot. Let the water simmer for a couple of minutes before transferring it to the bowl or sink you will use for steaming. You should also add a few drops of the essential oil if you are planning on using any.
  5. After that, take a seat and hold your head about 6 inches above the hot water. Then, take the towel and put it over your head and the bowl and try to cover it around as much as you can. Make sure there are little to no openings from where steam can escape. You can adjust the position of your head depending upon the level of heat and your comfort. Lift up a corner of the towel to let some steam escape if it is getting too hot or stuffy.
  6. Lastly, follow this method to steam your face for about 5 to 10 minutes and then you will be done.

Using warm towels:

This is another simple and easy to follow method. You do not need much for this one also. You will just need a towel, a bowl or pot or a sink and some hot water to steam with. Now, let us have a detailed look at the procedure you have to follow to perform steaming using this method.

  1. Firstly, take some hot water in a bowl or a sink. Take enough hot water to soak your towel in. Add any herbs to the water, if you are planning to, at this point.
  2. Then, tie your hair back so that it does not get into your face. Also, cleanse your face before steaming. You can use a gentle cleanser or just wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Make sure to clean your neck too.
  3. After that, take your towel and soak it into the hot water. Then, take it out and wring it to get the excess water and make sure that the towel is damp.
  4. Then, get into a comfortable position by putting your head by leaning back in a comfortable seat or lie down somewhere. Now, place the warm damp towel over your face. Use your fingers to hold all the corners up above your forehead. Make sure the towel is covering the whole of your face. Keep your nostrils open so that you can breathe easy.
  5. Lastly, just hold the towel at that position for about 5 minutes before removing it. Now, you are done steaming your face using a hot towel.

Using a Portable Home Facial Steamer:

Nowadays, specialist devices are available in the market whose specific job is to steam your face. These facial steamers provide you with great service and you do not have to go and make your wallet lighter at a spa. Portable steamers make it much easier, convenient, and quicker to get facial steam right in the comfort of your home. They are generally affordable and the cost is one time as they work for a long time. Many steamers also come in with separate feature through which you can add your preferred essential oils to your steam. Furthermore, most portable steamers create steam which has much smaller micro steam droplets. This steam is more effective in penetrating your skin and pores. Hence, the process becomes more effective and efficient as well.

Overall, the portable facial steamer is a great invention and it enhances your facial steaming experience while also making it more effective. It makes the process very convenient and hassle-free. You will find them to be worth the investment and it would be hard to go back once you have used these. Now, let us look at the procedure on how to use a portable facial steamer.

  1. Firstly, carefully read all the instructions on how to operate your particular steamer. Fill it with water and place it on a table near a comfortable spot for you. Then, plug it in. The steamer would take a few minutes to heat up the water and start producing the steam.
  2. Then, tie your hair back so that it does not get into your face. Also, cleanse your face before steaming. You can use a gentle cleanser or just wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Make sure to clean your neck too.
  3. After that, take a seat at your chosen spot and put your face in front of the steam exhaust or in the cone attachment if it came with your steamer. Hold your face about 5 to 10 inches away from the exhaust. Or follow your steamer’s instruction to get specific details on how to use it.
  4. Lastly, just keep your face in the way of the steam to give it a nice treatment. The best way would be to steam your face for about 2-3 minutes at a time with 1-minute breaks in between to check how your skin is handling the heat. Then, you are done steaming your face. Remember that using a facial steamer is more powerful and effective than other methods so be careful and gentle.
Facial steamer

Using a Hot Shower:

There is another method which you can follow to get a thorough steaming. This method is also extremely simple and you will get a full body steaming using this one. You practically do not need anything other than your bathroom to follow this method. Here are the steps you have to follow to perform this method.

  1. Firstly, get into your shower and close all windows and doors to practically seal the bathroom. You have to do this so that steam can accumulate and build up within your shower.
  2. Then, crank the water temperature to hot and turn on the shower but do not get into the shower or you may burn yourself. The hot water will fill up the shower with steam. Let it build up in the bathroom.
  3. Then, once the room is filled with steam, turn the water temperature down to a comfortable level and then get into the shower. Try to face the steam and close your eyes and stand in the steam and soak it in. Remember to breathe deeply in the steam.
  4. Do this for a few minutes until it is comfortable. This method will steam your whole body and give you a nice relaxing effect. Although, be careful to not follow this method more than once a week as it strips your skin of essential natural oils.
  5. Lastly, just get out of the shower and splash some cool water on your face and dry yourself off using a towel and dabbing.
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Hot shower

Prepping Before Steaming

Steaming is a straightforward and natural remedy to give your skin a nice uplift. But to get the most out of your efforts it would be a good idea to prepare the best you can. You can follow these few instructions to make sure you get every bit of benefits you can squeeze out from this process. First of all, you should decide and prepare your surroundings where you will perform the steaming. Make sure to choose a place where you can be comfortable. You can create a nice mood by putting on some music. Then, you should prep your skin. To do it you just have to follow a couple of steps to get your skin into shape and ready for the steaming.

Part 1 – Prepping your skin:

Prepping your skin before the steaming is a simple process. You won’t have to do too much. Just a couple steps and you would be ready to go.

  • Cleanse your skin. This is a basic but important step to follow. You need to make sure your skin is clear of any impurities. Cleanse your face to remove any impurities, dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells from your skin. You can thoroughly wash your face with lukewarm water or use a gentle and mild cleanser to achieve this step.
  • Exfoliate your skin gently. Using a gentle exfoliating face wash can also be beneficial to your upcoming steaming procedure. Gentle exfoliation will prepare your skin and remove any dead skin cells which might be clogging your pores. You should remember to follow these steps because if you don’t, impurities can get stuck and clog up your skin pores[10].
  • You can also provide some extra care to more sensitive parts of your skin like your lips and areas under the eyes. Apply a moisturizing lip balm to protect your lips and keep them hydrated. You can opt to use an eye serum or cream on the skin surrounding your eyes.
  • Also, remember to hydrate properly as exposing yourself to heat is bound to remove some moisture from your body. Hence, it is a good idea to drink a glass of water or two before going in for steaming.

Part 2 – Preparing the Base for the Steaming:

Generally, you will be using water to create steam. None of the benefits of steaming is lost even if you are just using plain water in your procedures. However, you can also use some other base, and add herbs and essential oils to your base to give it that extra kick. Using herbs and oils can infuse your steam with all the health benefits that particular ingredient provides. Hence, you can augment and enhance the benefits steaming provides to you and customize it according to your specific needs.

  • Choosing the base:

Not much to consider here. You can use normal and plain water to get all the helpful effects you can get. You can also use distilled or spring water but there is no concrete evidence that it will provide any benefit. One thing that you can do to enhance the base is using a herbal tea bag in the base water. These teas are rich in the benefits they provide to your health. They contain anti-oxidants which are great for your health. They prevent free radicals from wreaking havoc onto your health and cells. Such teas are also known to aid in discarding toxins from the body. Scientific studies have shown that teas like green tea have compounds like polyphenols which have protective and anti-aging properties for your skin. Hence, using a herbal tea base for your steaming can prove to be highly beneficial to your skin.

  • Adding herbs and/or oils:

To really crank up the gears on your steaming session, you can add a few herbs and oils. These herbs and oils can add extra and special benefits for your skin. Specific ingredients have specific effects which you can curate and use to customize your own session according to your desires. You can select and use the extra ingredients depending upon your skin type or any skin issues you might be facing. There is no limit on the range of ingredients from which you can choose from. You can get creative in choosing herbs which can have health benefits and target your specific problems. Since these are natural ingredients they will provide a wealth of benefits without basically any side effects at all. Now let us look at some specific herbs and the benefits they provide to your skin.

Chamomile: This herb is great for all skin types especially for sensitive skin. It can aid in the treatment of skin inflammation and conditions like dermatitis. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It also acts as a hypoallergenic and contains anti-oxidants in it.

Rosemary: This herb is good for use with oily skin[11]. It has a nice and pleasing odour as well. The nutrients in rosemary protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and the sun. It acts as a disinfectant and has antiseptic and soothing properties for the skin.

Lavender: This another one of amazing smelling herb which will turn your steaming into a great aromatherapy session. It has potent cleansing properties for your skin. It will greatly aid you in getting rid and preventing your acne.

Rose Petals: This is a common and easy to obtain but highly beneficial herb. It acts as an astringent and will help in the tightening of your pores. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with other skin issues like eczema. Rose helps maintain your skin’s pH balance and excess oils.

Other than these, you can use many other herbs, fresh or dried, in your steaming process. Make sure to select a herb which provides health benefits to your skin, which will be most of them. Some other herbs which you can look into and use are thyme, mint, lemongrass, eucalyptus etc. Now, let us learn about a few different essential oils which you can use with your steam to enhance the whole process and your skin’s health[12]. Most of the essential oils are highly beneficial and will provide a plethora of favours for your skin. They will boost the health and appearance of your skin while also helping you to fight any pesky skin issues or problems that might have been plaguing you.

Lavender: This is a fantastic oil with a great soothing aroma. It will turn your steam into an aromatherapy session. It has great benefits for treating dry skin and eczema. Moreover, it is brilliant for relaxing yourself.

Geranium: This is a natural essential oil which is extracted from the geranium flower. The oil acts as a natural astringent. Hence, it will tighten your skin and pores and maintain the tone of your skin.

Eucalyptus: This is a terrific essential oil which is extracted from the eucalyptus tree. It is a great ingredient if you want to get rid of your acne[13]. It is also very useful in opening up any congestion in your sinuses.

Orange: You can also use orange oil in your steaming session to add some great benefits. This oil will help rid you to remedy any blocked pores and dull complexion. It also has wonderful, soothing, and uplifting aromatherapy properties.

Recipes of Oils/Herbs to use on your specific Skin/Issues

In this section, we will detail different skin types and issues and list the corresponding ingredients which you should use to treat them. This will make it much easier for you to figure out and decide which herbs or oils to add to your steaming session. You will be able to customize your treatment according to your needs and problems. Lastly, you only need to add a couple of drops of essential oils as they are powerful. Adding any more to your steaming process will be useless and wasteful.

For Cold Relief
For Stress Busting
For Helping you to Sleep
For Refreshing and Invigorating
For Fighting and Preventing Acne
For Sensitive Skin
For Dry or Mature Skin
For Oily Skin

→ For Cold Relief

Steam can be instrumental in helping you remedy the pesky cold you have been fighting. It is great for clearing your sinuses using all the heat and the moisture. These ingredients will remedy any cold, flu or stuffed sinuses you might be having trouble with.

Ingredients you can use for this: Chamomile, mint or eucalyptus herbs. Mint, eucalyptus or bergamot essential oils.

→ For Stress Busting

Steaming also helps to relax you together with boosting your skin’s health[14]. It can ease away all your tensions by the relaxation it provides. Adding extra herbs or oils adds an element of great aromas together with useful bonus benefits for your skin. These wonderful scents and odours will help you relax and recuperate while dissolving away all your stress.

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Ingredients you can use for this: Lavender, chamomile or lemon verbena herbs. Bergamot, passionflower or sandalwood essential oils.

→ For Helping you to Sleep

Steaming before you are about to go to bed can be advantageous in providing you with sound sleep. That is because it will relax you. You can add the following mentioned herbs and oils to your steaming process to aid you in achieving peaceful and deep sleep. These ingredients will help to calm and relax you even more which could be highly beneficial in helping you with insomnia.

Ingredients you can use for this: Chamomile, lavender or valerian herbs. Lavender, geranium rose or patchouli essential oils.

→ For Refreshing and Invigorating

Steaming can also be very useful in waking you up and energizing you in the morning. These following ingredients will assist in rejuvenating and reinvigorating you in the morning together with treating and nourishing your skin.

Ingredients you can use for this: Lemon balm, ginseng or peppermint herbs. Cedarwood, lemongrass or orange essential oil.

→ For Fighting and Preventing Acne

Are you fed up with acne and breakouts marring the beauty of your skin? You do not need to worry. You can add these ingredients to your steaming process to help yourself in fighting the annoying and unsightly acne. These following ingredients are highly effective in the treatment of acne. Moreover, they will cleanse your skin of harmful bacteria and therefore help to prevent any future acne or breakouts.

Ingredients you can use for this: Rosemary or Tea tree essential oils.

→ For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is more delicate and susceptible to topical ingredients. That is why you will need to use ingredients with gentle and soothing properties.

Ingredients you can use for this: Geranium, chamomile or lavender essential oils.

→ For Dry or Mature Skin

You will need ingredients with hydrating and regenerative properties if your skin is dry.

Ingredients you can use for this:  Rose, jojoba, kernel, apricot, jasmine, argan or extra virgin olive essential oils.

→ For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin you should use the following oils. These oils are highly useful in regulating the amount and production of oil on your skin.

Ingredients you can use for this: Peppermint, sesame or grape seed essential oils.


Skin Care after Steaming

What skincare you will follow after steaming will depend upon your particular skin type and your regular skincare regimen. We now know that steaming opens up your pores which allows other skincare products or remedies to be much more effective than usual. Hence, any skincare routine your follow will be much more effective after steaming.

Generally speaking, you can cleanse your skin after and moisturize it. You can use a mild cleanser to clear any impurities, bacteria or dead cell after your pores have been opened by steaming. After applying any product or remedy you use, you should be looking to close your pores. You can apply a toner or a non-comedogenic lotion or cream to achieve this. Or you can just splash your face with cold water. You should be applying moisturizer after steaming to hydrate your face and return any lost moisture to your skin. You can also apply any acne treating creams you use. It is also a good idea to exfoliate your skin after steaming. Although, be extra careful and gentle as your skin will be quite vulnerable.

You can also use a facial mask or pack after steaming to enhance their effects. Any mask will be more effective in clearing your skin of impurities. Moreover, it will be more efficient and useful in any of the properties or benefits it provides to your skin.

Or you can give your face a gentle massage using your fingertips. It will relax and rejuvenate your face. You will feel refreshed along with your skin after it.

Overall, you have to remember to put moisturizer[15]
on your skin after steaming. It is practically essential and it will hydrate your skin and provide it with the nourishment it needs to look great. And also remember to close your pores back. Use a toner and apply it gently over your skin for this purpose.

How long and frequently should you be steaming?

By this point in the article, you should be practically an expert on all things steaming, albeit just theoretically. You still need to learn how long to put steam over your face. You also should learn how often you should steam and figure out the optimum routine for you.

The frequency and timing of steaming will depend upon your skin and you can feel it out using your own experiences. Generally speaking, you should be steaming once a week. That will be enough to imbue your skin with all its benefits.

You should keep your face or skin in the steam for about 10 minutes at the maximum. Any more will usually be detrimental to your skin’s health. That amount of time is enough to supply you with all its useful and restorative effects.

You can also customize the timings depending upon the type of skin you possess. Following are some general timing guidelines to start you off.

  • If you have normal skin: Do it for about 12 minutes and once every week or two weeks.
  • Or if you have dry skin: Do it for about 10 minutes and once every two weeks.
  • Or if you have oily skin: Do it for about 12 minutes and twice every week.

The burn from steam can be more harmful and worse than that from boiling water. Hence, you need to be extra careful when dealing with hot steam. Make sure to keep your face at a comfortable distance from the source. Holding your face about 6-10 inches away would be a safe distance to keep.

Tips and Tricks

We have compiled some tips and tricks for you to take your steaming treatment a step further.

  • Steaming weekly can be a boon to your skin’s health and looks. Still, you should consult your doctor if you are facing any issues or are unsure if it would be good for your skin type.
  • You can steam your face at any time of the day.
  • Apply a face mask to clear off any impurities from your skin after you have done steaming.
  • Use a toner or cold water on your face to close the pores which have been opened after steaming.
  • Always use a moisturizer on your skin after steaming to nourish and hydrate it.
  • Do not steam while keeping the water over a heat source. It could prove to be dangerous if the steam gets too hot for you.
  • Consult your dermatologist before starting with steaming if you have sensitive skin. This is because it could possibly be detrimental to your skin’s condition and cause irritation.
  • Do not overdo the steaming. Steaming more than 15 minutes won’t give you any benefits. In fact, it will be quite the opposite as that much heat will dry out your skin and tamper with the natural barrier of your skin.
  • Keep the temperature of your steam at around 40 degrees Celsius (about 110 degrees Fahrenheit) as that is the recommended optimal temperature for steaming.
  • Hydrate yourself before going on with the process of steaming. The heat from the steam dehydrates you so drink plenty of water before you steam.
  • Do not use any potentially harmful or chemical laden products after you steam. This is because your skin is extra absorbent after a steam session and it will soak up large amounts of harmful chemicals.
  • Keep your face at a comfortable and sensible distance from the steam’s source.
  • Consult your doctor first or do not steam if you have any skin conditions like rosacea or eczema.
  • Keep your eyes closed while steaming. It will protect your eyes from any undue harm or irritation while also benefiting the skin on your eyelids and around your eyes.
  • Read the instructions carefully and follow the direction if you are using a portable facial steamer for your steaming purposes.
  • Remember to add herbs or oils to your steam as they could provide a  plethora of extra and important benefits to your skin.

We sincerely hope that this extensive post has helped you to learn more about steaming and has inspired you to add it into your own skincare regimen.

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Has a passion for writing and helping people with their health and wellness. A bonafide fiend for all things fictional, be it books, movies or shows. Loves living in Bengaluru.
Prakhar Parihar
Prakhar Parihar
Has a passion for writing and helping people with their health and wellness. A bonafide fiend for all things fictional, be it books, movies or shows. Loves living in Bengaluru.

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