Your smile plays a big part in defining your personality and beauty. A good smile helps you make a good impression. It can go a long way in fostering relationships and creating connections in the world. Your gums play a critical part in defining your smile. Having black or dark gums can put a damper on your smile. It can also make you insecure and prevent you from smiling freely. Dark gums can also be a sign of deteriorating dental health. So, if you are having  black gums it could mean that you need to take better care of your mouth. Having good dental health and hygiene is important as you will have only one set for the whole of your life. Hence, every woman wants to have pink gums as it enhances your smile and betters the overall look.

Black Gums

What Causes Black Gums

There could be a variety of different reasons that could be causing dark gums. Generally, you get them when the pigment melanin gets accumulated at the surface of gums and overshadows the natural pink color of them. Melanin is the pigment that provides the black or dark color to our skin, hair and even iris.

Apart from that there are many other reasons also that can change color of your gums and will make them look darker.

Now let us understand about all the different causes behind your dark gums in detail.

1. Heredity and ethnicity

Your genes and race have an effect on your skin tone. Certain races and ethnicities have darker skin as their skin produces more melanin[1] than others. People of such races and regions develop black or darker gums over time as their gums also produce more melanin. This is especially apparent in African people as their body produces much more melanin than most other races. Black or dark gums[2] in such situations are very common and completely normal also.

2. Smoking

We all now that smoking is highly injurious for your health inside and out. It has many deteriorating effects on your body. It also has a severe darkening effect on your gums. That can be a warning sign and can lead to some serious gum diseases. Smoking generally results in discolored gums in a specific condition of gums which is called smoker’s melanosis[3].

Studies have shown that quitting smoking has a positive effect on gum color. H

3. Stress

A disproportionate amount of stress can also change color of your gums. Excessive stress can lead to a variety of mental and physical health problems and not just dark gums. Stress or anxiety leads to hormonal changes in the body which can easily result in the darkening of your gums.

4. Medications

Certain drugs and medications can lead to darkened gums as a side effect. These medications bring about many changes within your body which can result in black gums. Medications concerning the psychological well being like anti-depressants or malaria medication etc can also lead to you having unhealthy and dark gums. If you are noticing discoloration in your gums and you recently started some new medication, it could be the side effect of that medicine.

Consuly your doctor immediately in such case.

5. Oral Hygiene

The amount of care you show to your dental or oral care can lead to you having discoloured gums. If you are not brushing properly, food and other particles will collect in between and around your teeth. This could result in your mouth being a haven for bacteria which wreak havoc on your oral hygiene[4]. These bacteria can also lead to a dental issue called gingivitis. Gingivitis can also result in darkening of gums.

6. Diet and Nutrition

If you don’t have a balanced diet[5] your body could start lacking in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Consequently, this has very detrimental effects on your immunity which ultimately will lead to more bacteria and harmful microbes in your body. This can result in you contracting a variety of diseases which can easily change your natural pink gums.

7. Dental Treatments

Amalgam is a mix of different metals which are used for making fillings and crowns. If particles of this material get displaced, it can appear under the skin of the gum which causes it to look black. People know this as an amalgam tattoo. An amalgam tattoo can develop anyplace in the mouth but generally develops close to a filling. It appears as a black, grey, or blue spot on the gums. These amalgam tattoos usually do not pose any health risk and are pretty harmless.

8. Gingivitis

The full name of this disease is Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis. It is a gum infection that people also know as trench mouth. It can result in fever, painful gums, and most commonly: bad-smelling breath. An infection can lead to black or dark gums when a layer of dead skin cells forms up over the gums. Gingivitis[6] generally results in quick growth of bacteria in the mouth which results in bad breath. Bacteria may accumulate because of poor oral hygiene, stress, lack of sleep, or an imbalanced diet.

Some early symptoms of this are bleeding gums, bad breath, lots of saliva in the mouth, and feeling ill.

9. Addison’s Disease

This is a disease which affects your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are crucial in the formation of a variety of hormones. This dysfunction prevents these glands from producing sufficient hormones for the body. Some early symptoms of this disease are tiredness, feeling unusually thirsty, weight loss, lack of appetite, and weakening of muscles. Addison’s disease also generally result in the darkening of your gums. The technical term for it is hyperpigmentation[7].

10. Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

This is another condition which can cause you to have darkened gums. Peutz-Jeghers syndrome[8] is a genetic condition that increases the risk of developing polyps or cancer. Although, it has an early symptom which can help diagnose it. The symptom is the occurrence of dark blue or dark brown freckles on your skin. These freckles can appear in the mouth as well as on the skin of the fingers and toes.

11. HIV Aids

People who are suffering from these deadly diseases have very low levels of immunity. That results in the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the body. These harmful bacteria can easily result in a variety of diseases. These diseases can include gingivitis and periodontitis easily. Hence, having dark gums is quite a common sight among HIV and Aids victims.

12. Periodontal Disease

This is one of the serious gum diseases. Its full name is Acute necrotizing periodontal disease. It can result in the darkening of the gums due to decay or death of gum cells and tissues. Other symptoms of this disease may include bleeding from the gum, bad odor, and pain. Issues and diseases such as excessive stress, smoking and viral infections such as HIV can result in the contraction of this disease.

13. Von Recklinghausen Disease

This disease is also known as Neurofibromatosis type 1. This disease results in the occurrence of black or brown spots all over the skin and gums. Mutation of a gene in chromosome 17 can result in this disease.

Best Home Remedies

Now that you have learned about all the different reason which could be behind your dark gums, we will teach you to get rid of them. There are many natural remedies around which will help make your gums pink and healthy. These natural ingredients are perfectly safe for the treatment of your gums. These will help you get back your confidence in your beautiful smile. So, let us learn in detail about all these natural ingredients which are going to help bring back your gums to their natural color.

Lemon Oil
Aloe Vera
Sesame Oil
Green Tea
Tea Tree Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Black Tea Bags
Sage Leaves
Rose Vinegar
Coconut Oil
Yarrow Flowers

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is chock full of anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties for your oral hygiene. These properties are very useful in getting rid of harmful bacteria and other microbes from the gums. Hence, it prevents bacterial infection and cleanses the teeth and gums very effectively. Moreover, it enhances tissue regeneration in the gums to replace the previously damaged and dark ones. It also helps in the removal of plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Although, you have to be careful while using this. That is because this is a strong oil and direct application may be harmful. Direct application of this oil can lead to the corrosion of enamel on your teeth.

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Follow this procedure to make your own lemon oil

  1. Firstly, take 1 tbsp of lemon juice and mix it with a small amount of almond oil. Make sure they are blended together well.
  2. Then, let the blend sit for a few weeks to obtain the lemon oil.
  3. Lastly, to use this oil, swish and gargle it around the inside of your mouth every morning. This will help improve your health and will help you to get back natural pink gums.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it is effective in eradicating harmful bacteria from your mouth which lead to oral problems. So, aloe vera can protect your gums from any bacterial infection. Moreover, it will also be useful in soothing gum inflammation. Aloe is also highly effective in preventing the receding of gums. It has a couple of different methods for usage:

  1. Firstly, take a fresh aloe vera leaf and then extract the gel from inside it. You can use a spoon for this purpose.
  2. Then, take the gel and massage it onto your gums for a few minutes.
  3. Lastly, wash your mouth thoroughly using water.

That was one of the methods, now let us look at another one:

  1. You can also use aloe vera as a mouth wash. Firstly, take some gel and then mix it with some water.
  2. Then, take it in your mouth and then swish it around inside your mouth. Do it for about 2-3 minutes and then wash your mouth.

And here is another one of the methods:

  1. Firstly, take a fresh aloe vera leaf and then extract the gel from inside it. You can use a spoon for this purpose.
  2. Then, take the gel and apply it over your teeth and gums.
  3. After that, take your toothbrush and start brushing your mouth thoroughly. Make sure you brush all around your mouth. You should get the gel all over your teeth and gums.
  4. Then, keep brushing for a couple of minutes before washing your mouth with water.
  5. Follow this remedy once or twice every week to heal or prevent mouth infections and enhance the health of your gums.’
Aloe vera

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a strong oil which can help control the buildup of plaque in your mouth. It has the ability to eliminate the toxic substances from the gums that may be causing your gum darkening. This awesome oil creates a shielding layer on the gums. Hence, it inhibits plaque build-up and defends the gums from infections and diseases. It will also protect your gums and teeth from general decay. Thereby it can diminish your gum weakening, darkening and receding. Follow the upcoming method to use this terrific oil for your gums:

  1. Firstly, you have to take 1/4 cup of sesame oil and then put it in your mouth.
  2. Then, swish it around your mouth and continue to do it thoroughly for a couple of minutes.
  3. After that, spit it out and clean your mouth fully using lukewarm water.
  4. For best results, use warm oil to absorb the plaque and toxins from your gums.
  5. Use this remedy twice a week regularly to get results fast and also enhance your oral health.

Green Tea

Green tea is a fantastically rich source of anti-oxidants[9]. Hence, it provides numerous health benefits and shields your health from oxidant damage. The number of antioxidants in green tea are capable of fighting many types of dangerous bacteria, including the ones that could be turning your gums black. Consequently, drinking green tea will not only help your gums but also all of your health and body.

Green tea helps to treat numerous health and skin issues without generating any side effects. It works efficiently in removing impurities and bacteria from inside your mouth due to its wondrous properties. Drinking this potion not only lightens dark gums but can also fight off the harmful bacterias that can result in diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis. Moreover, it can also reduce the inflammation of gums and improve their health. You should be drinking 2 cups of green tea daily to enhance the health of your gums and make them pink.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a strong oil which can help you lighten your gums back to their original pink color. It is full of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Moreover, it is also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. All these properties make it highly effective for enhancing your health. It shields your gum from any damage and also prevents root damage. It can also help with the receding of your gums. Its anti-microbial and antifungal properties help eradicate harmful germs from the mouth. Furthermore, it will also help reduce the plaque in between the teeth and gums. Although, you have to be careful while using this oil as it is very strong. Never use this undiluted and also do not ingest it. Use the following steps to use tea tree oil for the lightening of your gums safely.

  1. Firstly, you need to dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with water. Mix them together by stirring the mixture well.
  2. Then, use this blend as a mouth wash and swish it around in your mouth. Then spit it out.
  3. After that, clean your mouth with water to remove any germs, reduce plaque on the teeth and counter darkening and receding of gums.

You can also use another similar remedy to boost your gum’s health.

  1. Firstly, you need to dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with coconut or olive oil. Mix them together by stirring the mixture well.
  2. Then, apply this blend onto your gums using your fingers. Massage your gums for a few minutes with this oil.
  3. After that, clean your mouth with water to remove any germs, reduce plaque on the teeth and counter darkening and receding of gums.

You should use one of these remedies regularly if you want to achieve pink lips quickly.


Cloves have been used in Indian culture for centuries to enhance oral health and fight bad breath. They have been known to treat toothache for ages. That is because of their mild anesthetic properties. The oil from this herb has potent antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. These properties will boost the health of the whole of your mouth. It will stimulate the growth of new cells and tissues while also repairing the previously damaged and darkened tissues. Clove treatments are most productive when the clove leaf is directly rubbed onto the gums but there are other easier methods. Cloves act as a compelling ingredient to halt bacterial activity and it is especially effective with frequent usage. Moreover, it will improve your overall oral health. Now, let us look at a way on how to use this.

  1. Firstly, take some clove oil and then apply it to your gums.
  2. Then, use your finger to massage it onto your gums and teeth for a few minutes.
  3. After that, let your mouth as is for another few minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with water.
  4. Lastly, you should follow this remedy daily if you want to make your gums pink rapidly.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil has potent antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties[10]. These properties help kill off any germs in the mouth. Moreover, this fantastic oil will remove the food particles and reduce the gum swelling. Only a small drop of this concentrated oil is needed to remove filth from your teeth, destroy any harmful bacteria in the mouth, and also relieve any irritation or inflammation along your gum line. It is highly effective in subduing gum diseases and tooth decay. Follow the following steps to use this essential oil effectively and safely.

  1. Firstly, dilute a few drops of eucalyptus oil with water by mixing them and stirring well. You can also use coconut oil or sesame oil for the dilution purpose.
  2. Then, apply this oil to your gums and massage them for a few minutes.
  3. After that, leave your mouth be for another few minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with water.

Follow this remedy regularly to achieve healthy and pink gums.

Black Tea Bags

Many people consume black tea in the world daily. It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. What many do not know is that black tea bags can be used to get rid of darkness from the gums. Black tea has the property to remove microbes from the gums. Moreover, it can subdue the inflammation or swelling of the gums. You can apply black tea bags all over your gums or drink it to get rid of black gums. Follow the upcoming steps to use this remedy effectively.

  1. Firstly, you need to boil 1 cup of water.
  2. Then, place one black tea bag in the cup.
  3. After that, steep the tea for a few minutes and then take the tea bag out. Let the tea bag cool down for a few minutes until it is just warm.
  4. Then, apply this tea bag all over the gums and massage it gently for a few minutes.
  5. Repeat this remedy regularly until you turn your gums back to pink.
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Sage Leaves

Sage leaves are also highly beneficial for the purpose of lightening your gums and improving your oral health. It works as a medicine for gums. Moreover, it can also help clear the mucous membrane. It shields your gums from damage and improves their color to make them pink and healthy. There are a few different ways in which you can use sage leaves to help your gum health and pigmentation. One method is that you can extract the juice from the sage leaves and then use them on your gums. Another is that you can brew a tea together with the sage leaves. Or you can prepare a concoction by boiling some sage leaves in water and then using that water to wash and swish in your mouth. Any of these methods will help you get back the color of your gums.

Rose Vinegar

Rose vinegar can also be used to improve oral health. It will aid in the strengthening of your gums. Moreover, it will promote better gum health and make them strong and pink. Use the following steps to use rose vinegar effectively on your gums for their treatment and depigmentation.

  • Firstly, take about 3 ounces of rose petals and infuse them in red wine vinegar.
  • Then, let the petals steep in there for a week and then strain it out by using a strainer or a thin cloth.
  • After that, take 1 tablespoon of this hence obtained rose vinegar and mix it with 1 cup of warm water.
  • Lastly, stir this blend properly and use this to clean your mouth daily until you get back your healthy and pink gums.

Coconut Oil

There is a good chance you already use coconut oil for the treatment of your hair or skin as it is quite popular. That is because it is full of healing and restorative properties for the human body. This amazing and versatile oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties[11]. These properties help it to prevent bleeding of gums. Moreover, it can also eradicate bad breath. Also, it will help you to achiever pink gums naturally. So, in order to get pink gums using natural coconut oil, follow the upcoming steps.

  1. Firstly, take some coconut oil into your mouth. Then, swish it around and gargle and then spit.
  2. Follow this remedy twice every day regularly to get pink gums naturally. You will need to stick with this method for about 2 months and you will get your healthy pink gums back.


Salt has been known to enhance oral health and provide whiter teeth for a while now. It also improves the health of your gums and helps to protect them from diseases and discoloration. You can also subdue any pain in the gums with the usage of this easily and readily available home ingredient. You can actually find this ingredient in any home in any part of the world.

It is an excellent ingredient for maintaining your overall oral hygiene[12]. That is because it helps to remove stains from the teeth, maintain healthier gums and keep gum diseases at bay by eliminating any bacteria and germs which lead to disease or infections. To use salt for your gums just rub 1 teaspoon of salt onto your gums after you have brushed. Or you can mix some salt with a few drops of mustard oil. Then use this mixture to rub and massage your gums.


Turmeric is practically used daily for some purpose or other in any typical Indian household. That is because of the plethora of benefits it provides to your whole body. People use this extremely commonly in preparation of food and treatment of skin.

Hence, it can also be sued to treat black gums. Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin in it. Curcumin provides potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to the turmeric. Hence, it eradicates bacterias which cause gingivitis[13] in your mouth. Follow the upcoming steps to use turmeric efficiently and effectively to treat darkness on your gums.

  1. Firstly, take a bowl and mix some turmeric with a little bit of water in it. Make sure you make the mixture with a paste-like consistency.
  2. Then, massage this hence obtained paste all over your gums and teeth for about 10 minutes.
  3. Lastly, just rinse your mouth thoroughly using some water and you are done.

Follow this above-mentioned recipe regularly and you will achieve pink and healthy gums in no time at all.


Myrrh is another one of these natural ingredients which have beneficial properties for your oral health and gums. It is a type of resin which is extracted from trees. It has been known to help against the recession of gums. Moreover, it helps keep them healthy and pink. It also helps yours against any root damage in the mouth. You can get root damage by excessive consumption of sweets or from the natural aging process. You should follow the upcoming methods to utilize myrrh for the treatment of your black or darkened gums.

  1. Firstly, you have to grind myrrh until you get a texture which is very fine and powdery.
  2. Then, massage your gums and teeth by rubbing this powder onto your gums.

You can also opt to follow this upcoming alternate method.

  1. Firstly, brush your teeth as you normally do.
  2. Then, take a few drops of myrrh essential oil and then dilute it with some water.
  3. Lastly, use the hence obtained solution to swish and gargle around in your mouth. Basically, use it as a mouthwash to get your gums back to their original pink color.

Use either of the above remedies regularly to get great gums in no time.

Yarrow Flowers

Yarrow flowers are another naturally obtained ingredient which you can use to treat your black gums[14]. It has compounds in it which act as a numbing agent in your mouth. Hence, it is used to relieve sore gums also. It can be very effective in the treatment of your gums also if you follow these next steps.

  1. Firstly, take a few yarrow flowers and make a paste out of them. You can use a mortar and pestle to grind them to get a paste from them.
  2. Then, you just have to use this paste of yarrow flowers to massage all of your gums. Then, just rinse your mouth and you are done.

This natural and easy remedy that will help with you to get back original pink color of your gums.

Some Other Remedies

Now that we have learned about a bunch of different natural ingredients which can be used to treat your gums, we should also understand some of the other available remedies which you can follow to get great gums. These upcoming remedies may or may not use all natural ingredients and methods. So, study and learn about them sufficiently so that you can make your own decision.

Oil Pulling

This is a technique of oral healthcare which originated from the ancient Indian health care approach of Ayurveda. This is actually a pretty simple and straightforward technique and you do not need to invest much resources or time into it. This technique involves putting a little bit of oil into your mouth and then swishing it or pulling it around for about 15 to 20 minutes. This procedure can draw out toxins from your body. This is used mainly to improve oral health but it is also effective in improving your overall health. You can use different kinds of oils for this purpose. Coconut or sesame oil are fantastic for this method.

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This technique not only removes toxins from the mouth but also curb plaque[15] buildup and remedy bad breath. Moreover, it will help whiten your teeth to give you a brighter and better smile.

You can also mix the oil with a few drops of some essential oils like tea tree or eucalyptus essential oil to get effective results. Coconut oil is the best and most commonly used oil for this technique of oral health care. To perform oil pulling efficiently and effectively, follow the subsequent steps.

  1. Firstly, take a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth. You can also use a blend of coconut oil with a few drops of any beneficial essential oil such as clove or peppermint essential oil for this purpose.
  2. Then, swish and pull it around the inside of your mouth for about 10 to 20 minutes.
  3. After that, spit the oil or blend out and wash your mouth with water. You can also use salt water for rinsing your mouth for some added benefits to your oral health.
  4. Lastly, brush your teeth as normal.
  5. Repeat this remedy 3 to 5 times every week if you want to achieve pink gums rapidly.

Saltwater Mouthwash

You can make a mouth wash out of water and salt. Salt water has been used for centuries by humans for a variety of purposes as it is highly effective in killing harmful bacteria. Hence, a saltwater rinse or mouth wash will eradicate any harmful bacteria from your mouth which could be leading to gum problems or darkening. Also, it is effective in healing any damage from the gums. Moreover, making and using a saltwater rinse is very simple and straightforward. Follow the subsequent steps to perform this remedy effectively.

  1. Firstly, mix up to 1 teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water.
  2. Then, take this solution in your mouth and then swish it around thoroughly for about 30 seconds before spitting it out.
  3. Lastly, follow this remedy two or three times every day if you want to get pink gums and keep your mouth healthy.

Gum Bleaching

This is an effective treatment to restore original color of your gums permanently. This method is quick and does not cause any pain. This procedure is generally done using lasers. The result obtained by this method is permanent. The intensity and depth of this procedure depend upon the scope of your gum’s discoloration. You may have to have minor surgery in case of extreme darkness or discoloration in your gums.


This is also an option which you can go for if you are fed up with your dark gums and want to get rid of them now. It is a highly effective and simple method to get pink gums. This procedure removes the outer-most layer of your gum epithelium. The hence obtained gum epithelium is brand new and lacking any blackness or pigmentation. This procedure could be repeated to get pink gums once again if they return back to their black color.

Tips and Tricks That You Must Know

By this point in this article, you are aware of the different reasons which can cause black gums. You also now know about all the different natural or otherwise remedies you can follow to get rid of the darkness or discoloration of your gums. Hence, we have compiled this long list of tips and tricks which will help you avoid darkened gums in the first place. Moreover, these tips and tricks will allow you to maintain better gum and oral health so that you can avoid any oral issues or diseases which could inconvenience you in a variety of ways. Having good oral health and gums is important in maintaining a healthy, respected and full or rounded lifestyle.

  • Maintain a regular oral hygiene routine. Which means you need to brush properly and regularly.
  • You need to make sure to brush properly and effectively. Ensure that your brushing is reaching all areas of your mouth. Do not forget to brush the insides and back parts of your teeth too.
  • Do not brush your teeth and mouth too vigorously or forcefully. That can result in enamel erosion and also deterioration of your gums.
  • Floss regularly as it can get out the food particles from places where your brush cannot reach. Like the narrow spaces between your teeth.
  • Use a mouthwash after your oral care routine to flush out and eradicate any bacteria that have been left behind.
  • Give up smoking or any other form of tobacco consumption immediately.
  • Make sure that you are following a healthy and well-rounded diet. You need to endure that your diet has enough vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that your body needs.
  • Eat foods which are rich sources of anti-oxidants as they make you healthier and protects your body from harm and damage. Eat fruits like blueberries, apples, oranges and leafy greens in ample amount as they are a rich source of vitamin C. Also, include some dairy products to supply calcium to your body.
  • Drink less alcoholic beverages as drinking alcohol is not only detrimental to your health but will also stain your teeth and darken your gums.
  • Reduce your consumption of carbonated and sugary beverages as much as you can. These soft drinks are very harmful to your oral hygiene and can easily lead to you having darkened and black gums.
  • Try to stay stress-free as much as you can. There are many ways you can reduce your stress and look for help. You can try yoga or meditation to calm your nerves and bust your stress. Or you can follow your own stress-busting techniques and hobbies. Just do the things which you like and want to do to get some respite from the harsh world and recharge your mental batteries.
  • Consult and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and getting a leg up on any potential oral problems or diseases. Your dentist will examine and assess your oral health and show you the path and remedies to keep your gums and teeth healthy
  • Use a soft bristled brush so that you do not harm your gums by being too harsh on them. Your gums do need exfoliation but gentle. Anything too harsh or hard could result in bleeding or deterioration.
  • Remember to replace your toothbrush with a new one every couple of months. You can also opt for an electric toothbrush for more effective and efficient oral health care.
  • Do not neglect your tongue in your oral health care routine. Use a tongue scraper to remove any impurities and bacteria from the surface of your tongue. This will be helpful in keeping the insides of your mouth healthy and looking good.
  • Curb your consumption of sugar and sweets.
  • Eat a lot of veggies as they are rich in fibers and nutrients. Eating foods like raw carrots, cucumber or celery give your gums a work out which helps keep them healthy and pink. This also increases the production and flow of saliva in your mouth which is ultimately beneficial for your oral hygiene.
  • Eat yogurt regularly for good oral health. Yogurt supplies proteins and calcium to your body which is essential for good oral health. It also contains probiotics and good bacteria which keep your mouth healthy and eradicate any harmful bacteria and microbes in your mouth.

We hope that this post armed you with the tools and information which you needed to restore your gums to their natural pinkish color. Remember, prevention is always better than the cure so care for your gums and teeth efficiently and effectively to keep them healthy and avoid any problems or diseases.

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This article has been medically reviewed by Dr.Geeta Sundar on 28/3/2019

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Prakhar Parihar
Has a passion for writing and helping people with their health and wellness. A bonafide fiend for all things fictional, be it books, movies or shows. Loves living in Bengaluru.


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  5. How to brush my teeth perfectly every day? Are there any special techniques to follow while brushing? Will this help my mouth to get rid of the black gums around my teeth?If so, then please mention the brushing technique in a brief manner.

  6. I am a 30 year old woman and I have black gums around my teeth. I read the article and the symptoms that are specified for the Gingivitis disease gets matched with the symptoms I am having in my teeth and gums so far. So, what should I do not to prevent my gums and teeth from further damages? Can I opt for the gum bleaching technique now to get rid of this black gums problem? Will it be helpful in making my gums to return back to its normal appearance? If any of you are aware of this, please help me by clearing my doubts.

  7. Are there any toothpastes that could be used specifically for the black gums while brushing your teeth? If yes, can you please name them? Also can you please name some of the best brands of tooth pastes that are available in the market?

  8. Hello DEBORA PARKER! The bad smelling gums in your teeth could often be the major reason for causing black gums in your teeth. So, these two infections are interlinked with each other. And the bad odor will mostly occur due to any unhygienic practices or due to any deficiencies in your body. When you consume food, some small food particles might get stuck in between your tooth. So when you brush if you don’t brush all the areas properly then the food particle will stay in between your teeth. As days goes on, this will get rotten and will cause a bad odor in your mouth. It also affects your teeth and gums after a few days. Also, if there is insufficient amount of vitamin B 12 in your body, then this will also lead to bad breathe in your body. You can follow an of the home remedies that are specified in the above article to get rid of this issue. To overcome the vitamin b 12 deficiency you should start consuming vitamin rich foods regularly. Some of the vitamin B 12 rich foods are fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products. Also brush your teeth properly every day to get rid of this issue.

  9. Gum bleaching is an extremely safe and a quick procedure to remove the dark color in your gums around your teeth. It mostly does not cause any side effects on your mouth or teeth when you take up the treatment. And this treatment is a completely tested and an approved one. So, you don’t have to worry about the side effects it might cause after the treatment. But then, make sure that you don’t expose your teeth and gums to the whitening gels and the solutions. When too much exposure to those gels and solutions, then it might result in redness and inflammations. Sometimes, it might also cause irritations on those areas. So make sure that you don’t take up the treatment regularly. Or else the gels and solutions will literally affect the tissue present in your gums and also might lead to the occurrence of bleeding in your gums.

  10. Hello CAREY MATHEWS! There are high chances for the black gums to inherit through hereditary from one person to another. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. First you have to understand the fact that, for some people this might be due to the increased melanin production in their body. So, this occurs naturally in such people and you will not face any other gums or teeth issues in such cases. Also, you don’t have to get panic on this as it will not affect your health at any point of time. So, if this inherits to your daughter also, you don’t have to worry. She will be perfectly healthy though this occurs as it is completely due to the genes. And what you are following now is the apt method. Always follow a proper hygiene methods and also make sure that you keep your mouth and teeth clean and healthy. If you really wanted to whiten the gums, then you can opt for any treatments like gum bleaching or surgery.

  11. Hai BERLINE SIMMONS! Having black gums around your teeth might be a normal one for many of the people due to the varied factors. But then when you have bleeding gums along with that, then it is extremely important for you to maintain your teeth with a proper care and hygiene. My opinion is that there are many chances for your gums to be infected with any of the gum diseases like Gingivitis, Addison’s Disease, Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome, HIV Aids, Periodontal Disease or Von Recklinghausen Disease. So it is better if you suggest a dentist to overcome this issue. It is always better to prevent it from making it to get developed further. Following home remedies might sometimes not work when the infection is very severe or fatal. So, better get proper suggestions from doctors and try to get rid of the disease if any as soon as possible. Wishing you a speedy recovery from this gum problem.

  12. Thanks a bunch LACIE MARVELL for giving such a quick response to my doubt. I am glad that you have shared your valuable opinion on the gum issue that I am facing. Also, thanks a lot for your wishes and wish I recover from this issue very soon. I will surely refer my dentist further regarding this gum problem.

  13. Hello HEIDE PAULSON ! At first you have to make sure that your gums are really affected by Gingivitis infection. For this you have to consult your dentist. Do not come to any conclusions and take any decisions by reading this article. If it is Gingivitis infection, then your dentist will be able to give you proper suggestions on treating those black gums around your teeth. And also, gum bleaching should always be avoided when your gums are infected with any infections or diseases. This is because when you have infections or gum diseases, then upper skin layer of your gums will obviously be affected. If you do gum bleaching in the skin layer of infected gums, then it will obviously lead the infection or the disease to get aggravated. You will face more effects in your gums once you take up gum bleaching. Usually when you go to a dentist, they will surely tell no to gum bleaching when you ask for it. Do see a dentist as soon as possible and get proper suggestions from them. They might prescribe some medications and tips to cure your gum problem.

  14. Hi DEANA DAVID! I have listed some of the best toothpastes that are specifically for the gums infected with any diseases or infections.
    Best Toothpastes for Gums
    1. Colgate Total Advanced Deep Clean
    2. Crest Gum Detoxify
    3. Oral BPro Expert Clinic Line Gum Protection
    4. Corsodyl Toothpaste
    5. Parodontax Clean Mint Toothpaste for Bleeding Gums

    Best toothpastes in the market
    1. Crest Pro-Health Whitening Power Toothpaste – Best General Toothpaste
    2. Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste – Best Sensitive Toothpaste
    3. Tom’s of Maine Simply White Natural Fluoride Toothpaste Sweet Mint – Best Whitening Toothpaste
    4. The Natural Dentist All In One SLS FREE Aloe Toothpaste – Best Natural Toothpaste

  15. Hello DEANA DAVID and LEESA ANDERSEN! Rather than using the toothpastes that are available in the markets, you can also prepare them easily at your homes. These toothpastes will contain only of natural ingredients in them. So, your tooth and gums will stay healthy all the time if you use this regularly. I make toothpaste with my favorite natural ingredients and use it regularly on my tooth. Here I have explained one of the DIY to make toothpaste easily at your home. You can follow this and make your own toothpastes.
    You will be requiring the following ingredients for preparing the toothpaste.
    • 2/3 cup of baking soda
    • 1 tbsp of fine salt
    • 10 to 15 drops of peppermint essential oil or 2 tbsp of peppermint extract
    • Purified water.
    1. Firstly, you have to take a small bowl and add all the above given ingredients into it.
    2. Then add a few drops of purified water into the ingredients kept in the bowl.
    3. Mix all the ingredients well until the consistency of the mixture comes well.
    4. Once the proper consistency is reached, you can start using it like your toothpaste.
    5. Make sure to close the container after you use it every time.
    6. Also, the consistency should not be too thick or light. It should be proper like how toothpaste appears.

  16. Thank you so much LEESA ANDERSEN for providing the list of best toothpastes that are available in the market.

  17. A bunch of thanks for you KRISTINA HEIMERT for sharing the DIY for homemade toothpaste. I will surely try it at my home very soon.

  18. Oh wow! I’ve never known before that even toothpastes can be easily done at our home by ourselves. This is really very impressive and extremely useful one. Thanks much KRISTINA HEIMERT for sharing such a useful DIY homemade toothpaste recipe over here. I am really gonna try this at my home today itself. I will really stick to this if this goes well with my tooth and gums. I will also share the recipe with all my friends and family members to try it at their homes.

  19. Yeah CAROLA KIM! Like each and every processes has desired steps, rules and technique, even brushing your teeth also have certain steps. If you follow this then it means your teeth is perfectly brushed and is free from any infectious germs and other agents. The first thing to be noted is that how much time you take to brush your teeth. A normal adult should brush at least for about 2 minutes which can be considered to be the properly brushed teeth. Then at first, you have to tilt your brush at a 45° angle against the gumline and sweep or roll your brush away from the gumline. Now gently brush the outside, inside and chewing surface of each tooth using short back-and-forth strokes. Do not do it harshly as it might affect the gums and cause bleeding. Then gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria and freshen breath. Once you have completed brushing you should use warm or cold water for rinsing your mouth. Rinse your mouth very well using the water. You can also use mouth wash to prevent any growth of germs or other infectious agents. You can also follow he below rules on eby one for an easy brushing way of your teeth.
    • Clean the outer surfaces of the upper teeth, and then of the lower teeth
    • Clean the inner surfaces of the upper teeth, and then of the lower teeth
    • Clean the chewing surfaces
    • Be sure to brush your tongue too

  20. Thanks bunch ZOSIA BELCHER for explaining the brushing technique in a very clear way. I have never thought that the normal brushing which we do daily would consist of a lot of points and steps to be noted. It will really be very helpful for the people like me to get to know about it and follow them perfectly without any mistakes.

  21. Hello everyone! I recently came to know that even the essential oils could play a vital role in helping us to maintain a healthy teeth and gums. I came know that even the mouthwash which we use regularly can be made easily at our home with the help of a few natural ingredients. Then I thought why not to try any of the DIY for mouthwash. After knowing hell a lot of advantages of essential oils, i was pretty much interested in trying the DIY with it. I also tried and now I use them regularly and I have also stopped buying those regular mouthwashes from the markets. I’ve literally fallen in love with the pleasant odor it offers to my mouth and gums. For this you will require 5 drops tea tree essential oil, 1 tablespoon calcium carbonate powder, 5 drops peppermint essential oil, 3 drops lemon essential oil, 3 drops spearmint essential oil and 3 cups spring water.
    • Firstly you should add the calcium carbonate powder in a mason jar.
    • Then pour the spring water into the jar. Mix it well until the calcium carbonate powder gets dissolved completely in the water.
    • Now add all the essential oils into the mason jar.
    • Stir the solution well using a spoon.
    • Now you can store them in the jar or fill it in an old mouthwash bottle and start using it every morning and night.
    • You can also use them whenever you want it as it is completely natural.

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