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Beauty, Health, Weight loss 1 Minute yoga to remove Fat from face and neck. Get young and slim looking face

1 Minute yoga to remove Fat from face and neck. Get young and slim looking face

By Rupali Kumar   

As you age, putting on the years and more makeup you begin to worry more about the bags forming under your eyes giving you headaches. The bags under your eyes, extra wide cheeks, double chin and fat in neck – altogether make you look old and aged. Fortunately enough, there are ways you can get this fixed without expensive skin treatment, Botox, or plastic surgery.


Its a very simple yoga, that you can do in just 1 minute everyday. Do the following exercises (poses) 2 times per day for the best results from training facial muscles around your eyes and mouth to improve circulation in your face and even sharpen your jawline.

Make a face as if you were to pronounce the letter O
While holding your O, try stretching the area below your nose, looking up, and hold for 10 seconds
Do 2 sets. It is easy to stop breathing in the middle of a pose. Try to avoid this, breathing as usually and relaxing as shape your face.

Open mouth wide, stretching your tongue towards your chin as for as possible
From that position, open your eyes wide, looking upward with all you’ve got, and hold for 10 seconds
The same as the first pose do 2 sets. Sticking you tongue out promotes secretion of pancreatic gland hormones, which has an anti-aging effect on your body.

Stick your tongue as far out as possible, facing the tip of your tongue upward
From that pose, tilt you heat back until a vertical line forms between you neck and your lower jaw, and hold for 10 seconds.

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