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Beauty, Health, Weight loss Just 1 spoon of THIS to get flat belly in no time

Just 1 spoon of THIS to get flat belly in no time

By GP Team   

If all your body extra fat is accumulated around belly area, this article will help you a lot. This is a natural remedy that you can easily prepare with all ingredients available in your kitchen

You will need

Ginger juice + Honey + Lemon juice + Cumin water

Step 1 – Cumin water preparation

Take a glass of water in a a pan

add 1 spoon of cumin seeds

Boil this for 5 minutes

Turn off the heat and filter this water

Let it cool and proceed to step 2

Step 2 – You will need, Ginger + Honey + Lemon

Take 1 spoon of ginger juice

In this add 1 spoon honey

Add juice of half lemon in to this

Mix it and add this mixture to cumin seeds water when it is luke warm

Drink 1 glass of this early morning and within a few days you can see how your belly fat is melting without any extra effort

This drink will boost your metabolism so that your body can burn all calories very fast that you have consumed during the day without any exercise

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