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Acne, Beauty, Dark spots, Fair skin, Health, Skin aging, Wrinkles 10 amazing health and beauty benefits of Aloe vera

10 amazing health and beauty benefits of Aloe vera

The incredible Aloe vera or “the miracle plant” needs little introduction. We have all seen it sometime or the other, whether in our kitchen gardens or in shampoos and facial creams enriched with aloe juice.

Aloe vera or as the Egyptians called it “the plant of immortality” is a succulent plant that has thick fleshy stems with spiny leaves. The leaves contain two substances-the gel and the juice which are used for various medicinal, health and cosmetic treatments. In this post, we have discussed some amazing beauty and health benefits of aloe vera.



Beauty benefits of aloe vera

  1. Moisturizes skin

Aloe vera moisturizes your skin without giving it a greasy look. It works miraculously for oily and acne prone skins. Women who use mineral-based makeup can use aloe vera before applying to make up to prevent skin drying whereas men can use it as an aftershave treatment for healing small cuts and reducing any irritation or inflammation.

  1. Prevents premature signs of aging.

As we age, we all worry about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our skin. Aloe vera contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamin C and E which prevents early signs of aging by improving the skin’s natural firmness and keeping the skin hydrated.

  1. Treats acne

Suffering from acne and pimple? Then make aloe vera your best friend because it is the best natural remedy for curing acne and pimples and clearing any scars and blemishes left behind. It’ antimicrobial property helps kill the acne-causing bacteria and reduces the acne marks by lightening the skin.

  1. Treats sunburn
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We all apply various sun blocks and creams to prevent harmful sun rays from damaging our skin. But sometimes, the rays penetrate through the layers. Aloe vera is an excellent remedy for treating sunburns as it soothing and reduces inflammation. Aloe vera forms a protective layer over the skin and helps replenish its moisture.

  1. Reduces stretch marks.

Our skin is like an elastic which constantly expands and contracts to accommodate growth. However, if the skin expands too far, too fast, like during pregnancy or rapid weight gain, it’s elasticity can be damaged, which results in the ugly stretch marks. Healing properties of aloe vera are an excellent remedy to hide these stretch marks.



The health benefits of aloe vera are just as amazing as its beauty benefits. Aloe vera has been used for medicinal purposes since ages and is an excellent remedy for reducing inflammation, and curing wounds. Some health benefits of aloe vera are discussed below.

  1. Reduces inflammation

Having Aloe juice for two weeks can help reduce inflammation in the body and cure symptoms like rheumatism, inflammation of ears and eyes and arthritis.

  1. Maintains cholesterol level

Aloe vera is great for regulating cholesterol level by reducing triglycerides. Having aloe vera juice daily can reduce blood sugar levels considerably and increase the level of good cholesterol.

  1. Aids in digestion

The plant is said to improve the digestion and to relieve ulcers. Some people consider it a laxative, while others attribute that effect to its digestive qualities (which normalize the system and induce regularity). The juice is also prescribed for arthritis.

  1. Treats gum Aloe vera
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Aloevera is a great medicine for treating gum diseases like gingivitis and also for maintaining oral hygiene. It reduces bleeding, inflammation and swelling of gums. Its anti fungus properties help in removing plague from pocket corners of the teeth where normal cleaning is difficult.

  1. Boosts immunity        

The high Vitamin content in Aloe vera replenishes any deficiency of amino acids in the body.  Drinking one glass of aloevera juice frequently can work wonders in boosting your immune system and self defense mechanism.





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