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Beauty, Health 10 Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Cucumbers

10 Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Cucumbers

Wrapped in shades of green, striped and cool.
Watery, crunchy and an anti-aging tool.

They’re full of water, vitamins and are low on calories. I think
it’s already time we give them the Academy Award for Best Food, don’t you agree?
So getting to a bit of fact, below are ten reasons you should be eating cucumbers if you’re not already!

1. First things first. Cucumbers contain 95.2 percent water. So, assuming you drink 8 glasses of
water every day, a cucumber provides 26 percent of your daily water intake. Way to go!

2. Cucumbers contain potassium (152mg per cup), an element that keeps your heart healthy. So all
the cardiovascular diseases should be far away because cucumber is here to save the day.

3. Fisetin is an anti-inflammatory substance present in cucumbers. Well, what this does is help
control and reduce age-related neurological diseases. So while it captures your heart, it protects
the brain!

4. Another anti-inflammatory substance in this heavenly food is Flavonoid. Flavonoids reduce the
flow of free radicals in your body, reducing the pains such as headaches.

5. Talking of inflammations, cucumbers also reduce the inflammatory responses of the body. This,
in turn, reduces the risk of having certain cancers and minimizes cardiovascular diseases.

6. Surprisingly, the water in the cucumbers is not only for the water intake but also to reduce bad
breath. They boost the saliva production in your mouth, reducing the impact and and effects of
bad breath.

7. Amazingly, the water benefit in cucumbers doesn’t end here. The amount of water present,
combined with insoluble fibres help move food faster in the intestines, preventing constipation.

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8. Additionally, the fibres present in cucumbers hell maintain a healthy weight. These are also low
in calorie (16 calories per cup).

9. Cucumbers also contain Vitamin K (8.5 msg) which helps in keeping your bones healthy. Bone
fractures and other bone related troubles can be put to rest by having a lot of cucumbers.

10. As if that wasn’t enough, cucumbers are also used in skin care. of course, everyone has seen how
cucumbers are used in spa treatments, right? Well, they help control wrinkles and thus reduce the
effects of ageing.



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