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Acne, Fair skin, Health, Oily skin, oral health, Pigmentation, Skin aging, Skin care 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Neem.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Neem.

Neem is the most common tree that appears in every street (mainly in villages). It provides a plethora of health and beauty benefits. The flowers, fruits, and green leaves make it beautiful and attractive. Neem is also called as Indian Lilac. There are numerous needs of the human for Neem. Out of them, ten benefits are mentioned and explained below.


1. The oil extracted from the dried need seeds is a very useful medicine. It is used to treat tonsils. Its consumption of 2-3 tablespoons cures the same.

2. Swallowing the tiny neem leaves daily makes us not to be attacked by any disease.

3. Brushing the teeth with the help of neem twigs strengthens the teeth. The tooth gums will also become much stronger.

4. If you have a weak liver, then consume neem juice to get it better.

5. Prepare a powder from the leaves of neem (handful quantity). Mix it with enough curd. Apply this mixture on the scalp and various parts of the head (hair). It decreases dandruff. Don’t waste money by trying a number of artificial shampoos and apply this natural mixture to save the money.

6. The oil extracted from the neem flowers is used in various creams. It is also helpful as a massaging oil. Ingestion of dried and fried flowers of neem improves eyesight. Flowers on neem tree are available during the summer season (March – April) generally.

7. Neem can be used to treat diabetes, a dangerous decease. It acts as Insulin, a hormone that controls glucose levels in the blood, after being digested.

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8. The neem oil completely cures Asthma, a respiratory decease.

9. We can make ointments and drops for the eyes and ears from this oil, whose antibacterial characteristics reduce eye and ear infections.

10. Soaps prepared with neem leaves fight against the skin allergies and infections.






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