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Uncategorized 10 foods to include in your diet for rapid weight loss

10 foods to include in your diet for rapid weight loss

By Glowpink Staff   

Obesity is very common these days and root of many serious disorders, so the best option is to get rid of extra fat from your body as soon as possible. I will not suggest you hours of exercise and strict diet plan for this purpose because I know for most of us it is not possible. The main reason behind obesity is our day job where we have to just sit in front of computer and we can’t ignore it. But yes you can do at least 20 minutes of exercise daily and with this include some specific foods in your diet, they will surely help you in weight loss

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Green tea

Say no to tea and coffee, they will not offer any health benefit instead sugar content will harm you. Instead of that take green tea with no sugar. It will detoxify your body and it also helps in maintaining the body weight to its perfection by burning body fat


Blueberries contain ample amounts of soluble fiber and water that produce a feeling of fullness so that you will stay satisfied for a longer duration between meals while improving digestion.


Take some flaxseeds after each meal, they are high in fiber and great for losing weight fast


Grapefruit fat-burning ability comes from its fat-burning enzymes. Even insulin resistance can be improved with fresh grapefruit. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone that can affect your weight.


Very light in calorie and easy to digest. A great breakfast for every age group. Cook it with skim milk and add healthy toppings such as almonds or berries to keep the calorie content low.

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Oranges are very rick in Vitamin C. Vitamin C also promotes the production of carnitine in the body, which reduces fat.

Salmon if you are a nonvegeterian

Cold-water fish like salmon also boosts your body’s metabolism and helps burn fat faster.

Dark chocolate

I have already told you to eat chocolate after each meal but make sure its cocoa content is 70% or more


Eat half an avocado every day. The rich texture and flavor of avocado make it a perfect addition to any dip and spread, or when chopped into salads. However, do not overindulge in this rich, creamy fruit.


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