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Relationships 10 Things that happen when you meet a good guy after a narcissistic relationship

10 Things that happen when you meet a good guy after a narcissistic relationship

By Muskan Minda   

Narcissism is all about I, me and myself. They love themselves too much to bother about their partner. A relationship is about two people not about a single entity but a relationship with a narcissist guy will look as if it is all about him. Their arrogance can make them cruel towards their partner because they simply fail to understand that there is someone else also in this relationship that might be right for a change.

You cannot tell the difference between a narcissist guy and a good guy until and unless both have entered your life. It is better to realise that something is wrong early in any relationship to put a stop to it and move on towards something better.

10 Things that happen when you meet a good guy after a narcissistic relationship

10 Things that happen when you meet a good guy after a narcissistic relationship

1 Your self-confidence starts building

At one time you had zero confidence but as a good guy enters your life you can see and feel the change slowly but steadily. Your doubts start fading away and pave the way for self-confidence.

2 Start trusting your own abilities

A narcissist guy will always demoralize you. He will undermine your decisions. A time will come when you would have lost your power to make any rational assessment. But when a good guy enters your life the first thing he will do is start building your trust. A relationship is nothing without trust and it will once again become the foundation of your life.

3 You start making conversations

Earlier you were only listening while your partner was the one who was continuously talking. Now the relationship has an equal status where both of you are talking and listening to each other.

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4 Doing things together

At one time doing things together was a foreign concept as you would do whatever you were asked to. You had no right of your own. It was only about pleasing your partner. Now it is not so. Your partner is taking an interest in you and both of you are doing things together to make it a pleasurable relationship. Someone who has come out of a narcissist relationship does not expect doing things together but a good guy makes you realise that this is the normal way of living.

5 He apologizes if he has been wrong

There was a time when you were always wrong because your partner made you feel like it. Nothing you ever did was right and you were apologizing for every so-called wrong you had committed. Now the situation has changed. A good guy has entered your life and it has made you realize that either of you can be wrong. The first time he made a mistake he apologized and it set the pattern for further times. Now you can realise that in a relationship emotions are ok and it is good that both of you are determined to correct your mistakes.

6 He pampers you

Earlier you were trying so hard to be perfect and to please your partner. Still it was not enough as he was criticising you again and again for the mistakes you had committed. Every small and big attempt on your part to do right was ignored. No matter what you did was never enough and was never reciprocated. Now a good guy has entered your life who loves spoiling and pampering you. He is bringing flowers, surprising you with gifts and taking you on dates. He is constantly reminding you that this relationship matters, you matter and this is why he is taking care of you. It is what every partner deserves and he is willing to pamper you with love, time and attention.

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7 Humility is an asset

When you were in a narcissist relationship your partner was always bragging about himself, his looks, and his achievements because it was all about him. Now you are in a good relationship where both of you are partners. He does not boast or brag because he simply does not have an inflated ego. He realises that there is nothing to flaunt about and it is his partner who will decide whatever she finds pleasant. If his accomplishments are praiseworthy then it is she who will acknowledge and appreciate it.

8 Positivity is his mantra

A narcissist guy thrives on negative energy. He wants to be the centre of attraction and will often create problems to achieve his goal. When a good guy enters your life, you find yourself in a happy space and problems will not matter. Any genuine issues or problems will be handled together by both of you. He will make you secure and loved by his attentions as positivity will be his mantra.

9 Manipulation will be a thing of past

Narcissist men are good at controlling things. They will manipulate you or the circumstances to suit their needs and wants. When you come out of that period you slowly realise previously you were walking on eggshells and were always afraid of making him angry. Now you are in a positive place with you and your partner making every decision together to suit both of your wants and needs.

10 You realise the true meaning of love

Love is such a small word but has a great impact on human life. We cannot survive without it. Even when you were in a narcissist relationship it was about love. You started your journey together but after a certain time it became only about him. Sometimes people go on with such a relationship because they do not have the guts to take the right step. A gentle nudge from a near and dear one helps them in coming out of such a relationship. Arrival of a good guy makes you realise what love is actually about. It is about meeting halfway. Love is caring, listening, talking, togetherness, intimacy and thinking about your partner before yourself.

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Your earlier partner never acknowledged your efforts but your current one is always on a look-out to make you feel special and that is the main difference between both of them. Hence move forward so that something good can take place.



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