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Uncategorized 15 Minute quick fix yoga by Shilpa shetty

15 Minute quick fix yoga by Shilpa shetty

By Glowpink Staff   

Shilpa shetty suggests 15 minutes quick fix yoga for whole body when you don’t have enough time for exercise.

Shilpa Shetty has given the youth new fitness goals with yogic asanas. These yogic asanas can be easily performed at the comfort of your home without any assistance from a professional trainer. If you are someone who indulges in the guilt of eating unhealthy or processed food every now and then, then your muffin top should be the wake-up call for you to stop gorging on unhealthy food and start eating healthy and shed the extra fat. Try doing these yogic asanas at home every day to lose that stubborn belly fat and flaunt your toned body this summer. However, do not start with a strenuous workout right away, do some warm-up exercises like spot jump, jogging or freehand exercises before starting with yogic poses and always do some conditioning exercises like slow walking to tone your muscles. If you do not do warm up or conditioning exercises then you are most likely to suffer from muscle fatigue. Along with yoga, you must also follow a healthy diet to lose weight.

Surya Namaskara

This is one of the best forms of yogic asanas that affects your whole body. Surya Namaskar or sun salutation should be done on an empty stomach early morning every day. This yogic asana helps to tone all the muscles of your body, if you want to lose weight then repeat this asana 4-5 times, to begin with. After a week when your body adjusts to muscle stretching then try doing it 8-10 times in a day to get good results in a month.

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Trikonasana or the triangle pose is also very effective to calm your mind. While performing this yogic asana breathe in and breathe out properly to reap the maximum benefits. Try holding on to this pose for about 6-8 seconds when you start and try holding on for longer durations. Repeat this pose for at least 10- times to get toned muscles in less than a month’s time.


If back pain is troubling you then do not worry, try out balasana pose at the comfort of your home to get instant relief from back pain. However, this yogic asana is not for everyone. If you are suffering from a knee injury or diarrhea then it is better that you refrain from performing this yogic asana. Keep a track of your blood pressure before performing this asana, if it is higher than the usual then it is better that you keep away from performing this asana.


Shavasana or the corpse pose is mandatory after a strenuous yoga session. It relaxes your fatigued muscles and relieves your body from the excruciating pain that comes with a twisted muscle. It is important to perform this asana at the end of the session only. If you feel a lot of pain then definitely consult a doctor or a physiotherapist to find out what is wrong. If your muscles hurt you slightly then it is normal and it is a good sign that your body is reacting to the exercises.