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Health 2 things you must know if you are going to get marry in near future

2 things you must know if you are going to get marry in near future

By GP Team   

first time
First time intercourse is awkward for every girl, they have so many doubts in their mind. Before first time we all worry about that fussy hair on our private part and unwanted vaginal odor. For both of these let me tell you if you have them it means you are normal and no need to worry at all

Now let me tell you some home remedies to maintain a good hygiene that will solve all your worries naturally

Unwanted hair in private parts

Many of us opt for Brazilian wax to remove unwanted hair from private part but if you have used razor before it is a strict no. This area is very sensitive and if your hair growth is thick, it can cause a serious damage to your skin. So if you are using razor, just use that only

Also you can apply baking soda paste on this area, leave it overnight. It might take many days but slowly all of your unwanted hair will disappear forever

Vaginal odor


During bath everyday clean your vagina by using water and mild, unscented soap

Always wear clean underwear every day to prevent bacteria growth and odor.

Eat yogurt to promote the growth of yeast. Yogurt contains naturally formed probiotics that can help balance your bacterial secretions in your vagina and in the rest of your body. If you have recurring yeast infections, eating yogurt every day is good

One natural remedy is adding half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of salt in a warm bath. You can then soak in the salt and vinegar bath to help eliminate the odor and restore the pH of your vaginal area
Use this remedy before intercourse as temporary treatment to avoid odor

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Never use any spray to avoid smell

Do not douche. Douching, which is when you force water or a cleaning agent in your vagina, can actually remove the healthy bacteria in your vagina and can push an infection (if one is present) into your uterus, making your condition worse

Do not use harsh soap to clean this area

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