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Beauty, Dark circles, Skin care 3 Step guide to clear your dark circles in just a week

3 Step guide to clear your dark circles in just a week

By Rupali Kumar   

No matter how clear and flawless your face is, may be you don’t have any spots or pimple on your skin. You may be very pretty and beautiful but if you have dark circles, this will ruin your grace. Dark circles may appear due to many reasons but I will tell you a 3 step guide that will remove your dark circles just in one week.


STEP 1: Drink a lot of Water
It may seem a little disconnected on a superficial view but drinking insufficient water is mostly the main reason behind your dark circles. If your skin is not nourished and hydrated from inside it will bad effects on the out side. Dark circles are major symptom of dehydration. Drink 8 to 10 (~3 liters) of water every day.

STEP 2: Stop using chemical based cosmetics
Eye liner, mascara and many other chemical based cosmetics that we use in and around our eyes can do serious damage and give you persistent dark circles. Treat your eyes gently with herbal products. For instance apply cucumber juice on dark circles and also apply lemon juice is also very effective against dark circles.

STEP 3: Get proper rest and Sleep
Do proper exercises and also get proper rest. Maintain a good fitness and good diet. Improper rest and insufficient sleep is also a major reason for Dark circles. Get minimum 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Don’t stress your eyes waking up late in light, get to bed early. Exercise will help you in getting tired and sleeping early.

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