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Beauty, Home remedies, Skin care 16 Ways to use Neem leaves for miraculous results for your skin

16 Ways to use Neem leaves for miraculous results for your skin

By Glowpink Staff   

Neem is a wonder herb. Since early times neem is known for its wonderful properties and marvelous results on the skin. Local application of neem powder or neem oil has miraculous results. It is a famous antimicrobial herb, it renders all the microorganisms inactive therefore helping in proper healing of wound without causing any infections and septic conditions.

Good results have been seen on skin problems like acne and blemishes. It helps in disinfecting the hair follicles and helps in eradicating the particle which is the main culprit in blocking the pore. How to use :
1. You can boil neem leaves in water, store the neem water in small batches and use it to make face packs or use it for bathing. It would get rid of all skin disorders gradually. It helps in getting rid of bacteria and even the repelling body odor.
2. You can also make a neem face pack by grinding the neem leaves with some water. It is a great face mask for anti-bacterial purposes. It heals acne really quick.
3. In case of any nicks and cuts, injuries and skin burns, you can apply neem oil, neem water or neem leaves paste over it. It gives great relief.

4. You can make your own neem water at home to treat pimples. All you have to is take some lemon zest, freshly plucked neem leaves and a few cucumber slices in a blender and strain out the neem water in an empty spray can. You can replace your regular toner with this neem water to treat acne and pimples.

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5. Make your own face pack using neem leaf powder and Multani mitti to control excess oil and sebum secretion. Just add neem leaf powder, Multani mitti, and yogurt in an equal proportion in a container. Apply this face mask once in a week to get the best results.

6. Make neem leaf hair oil to boost hair growth. All you have to do is blend a few freshly plucked neem leaves and add it half a cup of coconut oil and microwave for 2 minutes. After that, strain out the contents in an air-tight container and use this oil to massage your scalp to boost your hair growth.

7. You can definitely try out a neem leaf moisturizer to get clear skin. All you have to do is extract fresh neem leaf juice and add it to two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Mix it well and store it an air tight container. Refrigerate this after every use, use it twice daily to get the best results.

8. If you are looking forward to pest control then try this home remedy. Put a few sun-dried neem leaves in the secluded corners of your house. It will keep termites and insects at bay naturally. You can also keep dried neem leaves in your wardrobe to keep your clothes fresh.

9. If you have problems with your gut, then just chew two fresh neem leaves right after waking up in the morning. You just have to do it every three days, drink a glass of water after that and do not consume any dairy product for the next two hours.

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10. The leaves of the neem can help to moisturize the skin well and helping to keep it soft and supple. They make for an effective remedy for treating lightening scars and other skin issues pigmentation as a result of acne and scabies. You can utilize a paste of neem leaves easily on your face to curb the formation of pimples on your face. Neem leaves can even be applied to attend to minor wounds because of its antibacterial nature. You can also utilize it to heal a lot of skin issues like infection. To do that, just mix some turmeric powder with a paste of neem leaves and then apply it on to your body where this issue is. Follow this remedy regularly to heal your skin issues.

11. Neem leaves make for a terrific topical application for the skin as a toner. It can help treat topical issues like acne, blackheads, blemishes, scars, and help with the skin pigmentation too. To make your own toner from neem leaves, boil a few neem leaves in some water and then you can use that water as a toner to treat your skin issues.

12. You can make your own neem leaves face pack which can help you fight off a variety of common skin problems. First, take some neem leaves and small pieces of orange peel in a container of water and then bring it to a boil. Afterwards, add a bit of yoghurt, honey, and milk until you can obtain a smooth and consistent paste. Now, use this paste as a face mask: apply it onto your face and rinse it off once it dries off. This is a great remedy to fight off acne and similar issues like whiteheads.

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13. Neem leaves are so good and anti-microbial that it is even used in the treatment of chickenpox. Bathing in neem water is supposed to benefit the chickenpox patient by helping calm the skin and also curb the spread of the disease.

14. Neem is one awesome plant and almost every part of it provides some uses and benefits to our body. Consequently, the extracts from neem leaves and other parts can be utilized as practically a medicine as it holds potent anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, such extracts work terrifically to relieve pain, cure fever, and more stuff like helping to heal and act as an antiseptic for cuts, wounds, bruises and the likes.

15. Neem leaves also possess potent anti-fungal properties along with the anti-microbial ones and hence it can be very effective in getting rid of dandruff and also treating any other scalp based problem. It can also help treat any infections developing in your scalp.

16. Neem leaves are so healthy that you can consume them directly to harness their benefits and properties. In fact, there has been in a history of that in India since it is known to be a highly curative and medicinal tree there for centuries. That is also the reason that it is a common ingredient among Indian cosmetic products companies.

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