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Hair style How To Do Four (4) Strand Braid Tutorial.

How To Do Four (4) Strand Braid Tutorial.

By Priya Darshini   

This tutorial is about how to four strand braid.

You want to split the hair into four strands i usually just split the ponytail in half and then split each of those halves in half again so that the strands are even and then this third strand in from the left so one two three this strand I usually try to make it a little bit thinner than the other two or the other three and that is because this is the key strand in the braid this is the one that’s going to be running through the middle.

The way you want to think about this braid is it’s half of a Dutch braid and half of a standard braid meaning that one of the sides of the braid the outside strand is going to go underneath and then the other side of the braid it’s going to go over the top and hopefully that will make more sense as I’m explaining this.

So to begin this braid I’m going to start with the strand on the left and i’m going to bring it over the Strand it’s sitting next to and then under the next strand in and then I’m going to be working with this strand on the right and I’m going to bring it under the Strand it’s sitting next to you and then over the next round in so if you can just repeat over under under over all the way down that is going to help you.

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So again starting here with the Strand on the left I’m bringing it over and then under and then this strand on the right is going to go under and then over so one more time over under under and over so as you can see this strand here is running through the middle and that is the one that I made a little bit thinner and that one is just going to stay in the middle all the way down.

I will show you this one more time over under under and over and I’m just going to continue that all the way down to the bottom. so when you get down to the bottom you can just tie this off and then you can either leave the braid just like that or you can stretch out the edges and to stretch those out you just want to grab the very edge of each of the strands and just pull on it a little bit you really don’t want to grab like the whole strand because it will ruin the braid as you’re pulling it out so just grab the very edge and I like to stretch this particular braid out because it emphasizes the pattern and makes this middle strand pop out a little bit more so that’s the finished look with just hair.

I’m going to show you how to add a ribbon.
If you wanted to make this braid with some ribbon what I usually do is get a ribbon that’s long enough that I can double it up the length of it and then I just wrap it around the top of the elastic and tie it underneath just until like a half of a knot and then I’m going to combine these two pieces of ribbon into one so that it’s just one solid piece and then you can split the hair into three strands instead of four because the ribbon is going to be the 4th strand and then you want to bring it into that third position so one two three that’s where the ribbon goes.

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You’re just going to break this the exact same way you would if the ribbon wasn’t there and just treat this ribbon as a strand of hair so starting here on the left I’m going to bring it over and then under the ribbon and then this strand on the right is going to go under and then over the ribbon and you just repeat that all the way down.

So over under under and over and it is important that you place this ribbon in the third position to begin with because if you don’t it’s not going to be going down the middle like this and it’s not going to work so that is how it looks with the ribbon again you would just tie that off at the bottom and then if you wanted to stretch these strands out it would work the same way so you could really replace this third strand with anything you wanted we could use beads before we’ve used a strand of leather you can really use whatever you want.