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Hair style Waffle Cone Ponytail Tutorial.

Waffle Cone Ponytail Tutorial.

By Priya Darshini   

This tutorial is about how to do Waffle Cone Ponytail.

I have started just by grabbing a small strand of hair right above her ear on both sides and I’ve brought it back in the center with a small rubber band I’m going to take another strand on each side and bring them back to the center as well but before I do that I’m wanting this hair to sit underneath the first ponytail so I’m just going to take this and clip the first ponytail out of the way.

Now I’m going to unclip this one on the top and I’m going to trade places with these so I’m taking the ponytail that’s on the bottom and I’m bringing it up to the top and pulling it through and now I’m going to do the exact same thing I’m going to grab another couple strands of hair and bring them to the center and I want them sitting beneath this second ponytail that is now on the top so again i’m going to clip this second one up and out of the way all.

Again I’m going to trade places with this new ponytail and this second ponytail so I’m un clipping this second ponytail and I’m going to pull this new one that is on the bottom right up through the top so that’s really all there is to this style you just keep going in that same pattern you can go down as far as you want with this braid.

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I usually like to stop just right here at the base of her neck and then to finish this what I usually do is remove the elastic that’s sitting on top and then I split the hair in half just grab the two strands that I had and then I wrap it around to the back and tie it with a rubber band behind there so that is the finished style. If you want to add a ribbon or something here over this final elastic, you can do that to cover it up or you can just leave it as it is.