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Beauty, Health 4 amazing tricks that will increase your chances of getting pregnant soon

4 amazing tricks that will increase your chances of getting pregnant soon

By GP Team   

For some women getting pregnant is not a problem at all, they got success in just first 2-3 attempts but not all women are blessed with this. Suddenly the number of couples who face difficulty in conceiving has increased, major credit goes to our stressed lifestyle and diet. When you are planning a family, make sure your body is ready for it. Although in medical science there are so many treatments to cure infertility, it is always the best to follow a natural way and yoga comes here on the first number. Today I will share some yoga asana that will boost your fertility

Standing Forward Bending Pose

Also known as Uttanasana, this asana will enhance blood circulation in the pelvic region and the nervous system. It makes the spine more flexible and releases stress from the abdominal area, thereby, increasing your chances of conception.



Will give stretch to hips and lower back. It also stimulates the reproductive organs, especially the uterus and the ovaries. The fertility levels improve, and stress is released.

The Janu Sirsasana gives the lower back a good stretch. As the lower back stretches, it is also strengthened. This is essential while preparing the body for pregnancy. This asana also helps with stress release. Hence, it is an excellent asana in yoga for fertility and conception.


Butterfly pose

Every woman must do it as it lengthens the groin, inner thighs, and knees. The level of flexibility is improved in the groin and hip regions. All of this makes conception conducive, and if this asana is practiced until later in pregnancy, you are bound to have a smooth delivery too.

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Viparita karini

The Viparita Karani is a great asana to practice if you want to increase your chances at conception. When you stretch your legs up, the blood flows into your pelvic region, thereby, stimulating your baby making hormones. When this asana is practiced immediately after intercourse, you have a good chance of having two red lines on the pregnancy tester later that month.


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