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Beauty, Home remedies, Skin care 4 natural ways to remove underarm hair

4 natural ways to remove underarm hair

By Glowpink Staff   

Chickpea flour mask

People of India have been using Chickpea flour invariably in making variety of edible dishes. Now, this wonderful edible ingredient can also work wonderfully in the process of removing unwanted hair from the underarms of individuals. In order to make this recipe, you would require ½ bowl of chickpea flour, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, ½ bowl of milk and 1 teaspoon of fresh cream. Combine all these in a bowl and make a smooth paste out of it. Now, apply it under your arm in a direction in which hair is grown. It is important to ensure that the paste covers the hair lying underarm. Now, you need to leave this for half n hour and then rub the paste in an opposite direction. After removing the paste by hand, you can wash it with warm water.

Egg mask for under arm hair

For making this mask, you need to get the white portion of egg, ½ teaspoon of corn flour dust as well as a teaspoon of sugar. Take a bowl and add egg, corn flour and sugar one by one  in it and make a fine paste out of it. You also need to beat it and make a fine paste. Now apply this around the portion of underarm. Give some time till it becomes dry. You can see a dried mask forming over your skin layer. Now, you need to pull the egg mask from the opposite directly firmly where you can see unwanted hair getting pulled out.

Potato – lentil under arm hair removal

Another wonderful way of removing underarm hair naturally will be through potato. Since it is a natural beaching agent, it will be a wonderful way to get unwanted hair removed from your skin without any cosmetic effect. For this you would require a single potato peeled and pulped a bowl of yellow lentil, 4 teaspoon of lemon juice, a single teaspoon of honey and a single thin cloth.  You need to soak the yellow lentil in a bowl and soak it overnight. Now make a paste out of the yellow lentils. Now, add the potato pulp with the lentil paste. Apply this over your skin where you wish to remove unwanted hair. Leave this for 15 to 20 minutes and then run with finger to remove the same.

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Raw papaya for removing underarm hair

Raw papaya is indeed one of the best remedies to pull out unwanted hair from the root itself. The active enzyme present in raw papaya is known as papain that works really well in breaking down the hair follicles. It not only wipes out hair from the unwanted part of your body but also restricts its further growth. With the application of the same your skin texture also becomes improved.  The ingredients needed to make this natural under arm hair removal would be paste of raw papaya of around 1-2 teaspoon and ½ tsp of turmeric powder. Now, mix both papayas as well as turmeric powder in a bowl and apply it over your skin with simple massage. You need to massage it for around 15 minutes at a stretch. Now, you need to wash it with water exclusively to feel the hairless remedy. You can easily get hair less skin and better tone of skin tone if you can do this activity for one or 2 times in a week. Since it is a natural way of removing excess hair, no side effect will be involved.