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Beauty 4 reasons why do women wear padded bras

4 reasons why do women wear padded bras

By Glowpink Staff   

We all know about padded and non-padded bra and it’s your own choice what do you want to wear. Some likes padded more and some people just prefer non-padded. There is no rule but yes there are some cases when you can prefer padded one over other

padded bra 1

#1. When you are wearing tight garments, padded bra will give you a smooth finish.

#2. There are different types of padded bra that can give you nice shape

1. Push-up bras that are made specially to make the breasts look bigger and expose the cleavage,
2. Moulded, seamless bras that are great to wear under tight clothing as they’re almost invisible.
3. Plunge or balconette bras that give great uplift and a nice round shape.

#3. In winter points of your nipples won’t be seen through your shirt

#4. If your boobs are small, with padded bra it will look bigger



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