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Beauty, Skin care 4 Ways to remove underarms hair

4 Ways to remove underarms hair

By Glowpink Staff   

When it comes to underarms it’s very important to keep them clean as they get lot of sweat.Also if you are a girl and going to wear a sleeveless dress, make sure that you don’t have a single hair on underarms, it looks really very bad. Below here we have given 5 techniques that you van use to remove underarms hair.

remove underarms hair

1. Remove underarms hair by Wax

Little painful but best method in my view. (It is very difficult to do it yourself at least in my case so you can take help of professional if you want)

1. Clean your underarms first
2. Spread some light body powder, to dry your hair
3. Also make it sure that your hair length is between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch
4. Apply wax on hair through spatula, you can apply wax on complete underarms but I prefer to do it in sections.

4.a In underarms direction of all hair is not same, so first take a section where all hair are in same direction and apply wax
4.b put wax strip, press it
4.c pull it in opposite direction

5. Repeat same for all sections one by one
6. When waxing is done, clean with a moistened cotton ball or use an after shave lotion to cool down the skin

2. Remove underarms hair by epilator

Use this method only when your hair are few milimeter long, for long hairs this method is not good. This process is also little painful.

1. Spary powder on underarms, so skin won’t get caught in the machine.
2. Raise your arms high so your underarm skin is very taut.
3. Lightly run epilator over your underarm to remove a layer of hair. Make sure it is slightly away from the surface of your skin at first. Once a layer is removed, apply it closer to your skin.
4. Start on the lower setting first, then move to the higher setting. Continue until your underarm is completely hair free.
5. Apply aloe vera

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3. Remove underarms hair by hair removing cream

1. Buy a hair removing cream, if you have sensitive skin be very careful when buying this. Read the instructions before applying these.
2. Take your hand high, use the cream with the spatula and cover the hair evenly
3. Keep warm water in a bowl and use towel or cotton balls dipped into it and remove the cream from the under arms after the required time.
4. Clean well and use a moisturizer or olive oil and follow it by a night routine of hair retarding cream if you prefer.
2. Clean your underarms

4. Remove underarms hair by shaving

1. Clean your underarms with warm water
2. Raise your arms high so your underarm skin is very taut.
3. Apply shaving cream, or you can also use shampoo
4. Shave the hair against the direction of growth with a sharp new razor


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