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Beauty, Breast feeding, Home remedies, Motherhood, Pregnancy 5 Effective and Easy Tips to Reduce Post-Pregnancy Belly Fat.

5 Effective and Easy Tips to Reduce Post-Pregnancy Belly Fat.

To begin with, congratulations on becoming a mommy. This new-mother phase is as important as the last 9-10 months. It was easy before as all you had to do was eat healthy to keep yourself and the baby healthy. It gets difficult now as you have to take care of you, the baby and does all the endless tasks that come with baby-caring. You may experience sleepless nights and even sleepless days. Amidst all this newborn care, you must not let yourself out. Keeping yourself healthy and fit is as important as taking care of your baby because a healthy mommy always makes a healthy baby.

Today we will see few simple yet effective home remedies to lose belly fat. Since hitting the gym or starting a vigorous workout session as soon as you deliver isn’t always the best solution, you can use the below five techniques to reduce belly fat.

One important point to remember before trying all of the below is that you have to be patient. It took 9 months for your belly to stretch and home a baby. It will definitely take some time to return to the pre-pregnancy shape of yours. So, it is better to be prepared for a healthy transformation that takes time than opt for a fast one that might cause issues.

1.    Breastfeeding

Contrary to popular belief that breastfeeding can make you lose your beauty, it is one of the best remedies to get back in form. It helps you burn the calories to produce milk. It is proven by research that lactation period is the perfect time to reduce pregnancy fat through other means. Breastfeeding not only burn calories but also helps in the faster contraction of the uterus by releasing a hormone called oxytocin that stimulates uterine contractions.

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Breast Feeding burns calories equal to those that could be burned by a 45-60 minutes run in one day. Isn’t that a lot of runs saved at the same time increasing your baby’s health?

2.    Green Tea

Yes, the mandatory item on every weight loss program helps in reducing pregnancy fat too. A bag of green tea in Luke warm water every morning before breakfast can work wonders in your journey to losing belly fat.

You can also replace it with your regular milk included drink thereby reducing the chances of adding calories to the body.

Green Tea can work effectively in losing fat due to its antioxidant property. EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) can boost metabolism thereby helping digestion which as a result makes sure fat doesn’t deposit.

3.    Tomatoes and Apples

The two red fruits can aid you in the whole process of losing fat by large means. Tomatoes and Apples can be taken just as fruits or as a salad in regular quantity every day. They are tasty and better replacements for the yummy treats like cookies etc.

Apples not only keep the doctor away, they also keep the fat away. Pectin and various antioxidants present in apple boost metabolism and improve the process of fat burn.

While apples increase metabolism, tomatoes help in stabilizing the blood sugar levels through its natural sugar content. This prevents your sugar cravings thereby avoids all high-calorie food intake.

4.    Honey with Lemon Water

The age-old technique is definitely the easiest and best home remedy there ever was. The ingredients you need to prepare this extremely effective drink are simple. All you need is some Luke warm water, lemon and honey. Squeeze the lemon into the water and add honey to it. It can be taken every morning on an empty stomach, before every meal to boost up your metabolism. At first, the drink might feel just like water, but the detoxification it does to your body can be easily noticed in a few days’ time. The lightness it gives to your body is real. This helps in losing fat a lot.

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One of the quickest and easiest home remedies follows next.

5.    Water

Last but not the least, drink more water. Do any exercise, follow any diet, do any remedies, but make sure you are hydrated. It is a miracle how a colorless, tasteless, odorless liquid can be this healthy and beneficial curing multiple issues at the same time. However, water is magical. There are endless benefits to drinking water regularly, one of them is it can flush out all the toxins from your body bringing in fluid balance.

Another advantage is, the more you drink water, the lesser your chances of getting hungry and munching some snacks.

Water helps in reducing additional extra fat from the body, thereby cleansing it regularly.

Drink more water is the mantra.

We hope these tips are useful and effective for you, all of these are common to both vaginal delivery and C-section delivery mothers. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment.

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