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Health, Menstruation 5 Highly Effective Ways To Make Your PERIOD Come Faster !!

5 Highly Effective Ways To Make Your PERIOD Come Faster !!

By Pradeepa Kumar   

1 ) Tropical juices :

Drink a lot of tropical juices, like orange juice, pineapple juice , papaya juice , mango juice. These juices raise your body temperature and in turn help induce menstruation

2) Herbal tea :

Drink herbal tea, teas like parsley tea, ginger tea, sage tea , rosemary tea etc.., If you drink at least 2 cups of herbal tea a day, this will stimulate the blood flow to your pelvis area and help menstruation come faster

3) Menstrual synchrony :

When you spend time with other women a lot, you will tend to have periods at the same time, because your body naturally and instinctively sync up with each other and that’s why you both will tend to get your periods at the same time, so you might want to hang out with that friend of yours who has regular periods and get period in 28 days, that might trigger your own periods to come at the same time.

4) Long baths & heat pad :

Take 30 minute bath’s with warm to hot water, for few days in a row when you want your periods is a good idea, that will heat up your body and will tend to stimulate it , you can also use heat pads and keep it on your stomach or lower abdomen area to heat up your body .

5) Birth control pills :

If you have seriously irregular periods and none of the above ways are working for you, then it is good idea to see a doctor and doctor may generally prescribed you birth control pills, which will induce periods. Birth control pills regulate your hormones and the levels of oestrogen in your body and also induce periods.

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