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Other 5 Important things you should know about Kiss (that no one tells you)

5 Important things you should know about Kiss (that no one tells you)

By Pradeepa Kumar   

1) Not breathing :

When you are kissing you should breathe through your nose, once you get used to kissing you will get used to it, but if you don’t breathe while you are kissing it can get very messy.

2) Grabbing wrong place :

Yes you should be holding your partner while you are kissing, otherwise it would not be a proper kiss,but don’t be too grabby. you can keep your hand on your partner’s cheek or back of their head or anywhere between their waist and their back.

3) Not Relaxing :

When you are nervous you get your body and lips too tense and rigid and nobody likes to kiss a robot right ? Kissing is fun, so just relax and you will be just fine throughout your kiss.

4) Too much Tongue :

Try not to use too much tongue on your first kiss or else it will seem very intrusive to your partner, the right amount of usage of tongue is when it feels good to you

5) Closing your eyes too early :

When you close your eyes too early, you might not even end up kissing your partner and ending up kissing cheek, nose or forehead .The kiss feels only perfect and passionate ,when you and your partner look each other in eyes and indulge in the act and you can close your eyes once you start the kiss



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