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Beauty, Skin care 5 minutes to get rid of unwanted hair

5 minutes to get rid of unwanted hair

By GP Team   

facial hair

Unwanted hair on body parts is the main beauty problem for every woman. Generally, all of us choose to wax as the last option to get rid of that unwanted thing but that is not the only option. Today I will tell you about alcohol solution method just rub this solution on problematic area 2 times in a day and in just a few days all hair will disappear

For this remedy, you will need

  • 2 ml of iodine 2%,
  • 1.5 ml of ammonium hydroxide (10%), 4o ml of 70%
  • 4o ml of 70% alcohol 10 ml of castor oil.
  • 10 ml of castor oil

The process to follow:

Mix all the necessary ingredients well and leave until the mixture becomes colorless.

This mixture is rubbed into the problematic parts in the morning and evening.

The hair will start to deteriorate after a few days of use. There are claims that this is the solution to permanently eliminate or reduce hair off the face. 

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