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Beauty, Skin care 5 natural ways to get fairer skin

5 natural ways to get fairer skin

By Glowpink Staff   

Skin is a living organ and always remember skin will eat all things that you apply on it. Ayurveda always says you should apply only those things that you can eat. Especially there are many fairness creams are available in market these days but all these products contain very harsh chemicals that are very harmful for your skin. The best way is to go in a natural way to get fairer skin, some of the natural solutions are listed below

Rosewater to get fairer skin

Rosewater is used by many people as skin cleanser on daily basis. One could bring home rosewater from market such as Dabur Gulabari rosewater or can also make it at home by preserving rose petals in water for few days and then straining the rosewater. Rosewater is really good for skin and if someone cleanses their skin in morning and before going to bed with rosewater, they will experience glow in their skin in few weeks.

Lemon Juice to get fairer skin

Lemon juice citrus acid and anti-oxidant helps in boosting up the skin health and gives a freshness effect to the skin. Using lemon juice for cleaning the skin once or twice in a week is a good idea. Also, the lemon will bring back the lost softness and luster to the skin.

Glycerin to get fairer skin

Glycerin is another ingredient, which is used as a substitute to rosewater or a parallel ingredient to cleanse the skin. Glycerin is very beneficial in bringing glow and radiance to the skin. Many girls use it alone as well as with some other natural ingredient to bring glow and softness to the facial skin. One could also use Gulabari Rose Freshner as a substitute to glycerine as it has the power to cleanse, moisturize, and refresh skin at single use.

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Honey to get fairer skin

The sweetest kitchen ingredient honey is used to moisturize and soften the skin. Pure honey is diluted in some water and applied over skin by many people to make the skin look soft and supple. Leaving honey for not more than 10 minutes would do wonders for skin. Also, honey helps in prevention of sagging of skin in long run.

Raw Milk to get fairer skin

Rich in calcium and vitamins, milk is a beneficial ingredient for skin as well as health. Milk is known to soften, moisturize and deeply cleanse the skin. Applying raw milk over facial skin with the help of a cotton ball everyday will keep the skin away from pimples and other skin problems.



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