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Grey hair, Hair care, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle 5 Super Effective Yoga Poses to Turn White Hair into Black

5 Super Effective Yoga Poses to Turn White Hair into Black

By Varnika Chauhan   

Premature white hair or grey hairs are a common problem. Surprisingly enough it is not a problem suffered only by the elderly. White hair can trouble youngsters as well. Mostly, the appearance of white hair prematurely is associated with genetics.

Yoga has been practiced for several years to get rid of several health issues. Yoga can also be used for getting beautiful hair. It only helps in preventing white hair but can also help in solving several other hair problems like hair fall and hair thinning.

Some easy to do and effective yoga poses are as follows:


How to:

  1. Lie down.
  2. Inhale and raise your legs up till the toes are pointing straight towards the ceiling.
  3. Your body will be supported by your shoulders.
  4. Stay in the pose for 10 seconds and then slowly bring your feet to the ground.
  5. Do this yoga pose 10 times with intervals of 30 seconds each.
5 Super Effective Yoga Poses to Turn White Hair into Black

5 Super Effective Yoga Poses to Turn White Hair into Black


How to:

  1. Kneel on the floor.
  2. Maintain a straight posture and bring the heels of your feet together.
  3. Place your hands on your thighs.
  4. Inhale and stretch your legs forward.
  5. Stay in the position for 10 seconds and then release the pose.
  6. Do this yoga pose 10 times with intervals of 10-15 seconds.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

How to:

  1. Place yourself on your hands and feet to mimic a table.
  2. Inhale and begin lifting your pelvic area.
  3. As you are doing this, straighten your elbows and knees.
  4. Make sure your hands are aligned with your shoulders.
  5. Your toes should be pointed in the outward direction.
  6. Stretch your neck while having your palms placed firmly upon the floor.
  7. Stay in this position for 5-6 seconds.
  8. Bend your knees and return to original position.
  9. Do this yoga pose 8 times with an interval of 15 seconds.
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Vriksha Asana

  1. Stand straight with your arms at pressed to the sides.
  2. Begin bending your knee and start lifting your right foot.
  3. Place the foot on the side of your left thigh firmly.
  4. Inhale.
  5. Bring your hands above your head and bring your arms together in the hand like the “namaste”.
  6. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds to one minute.
  7. Exhale slowly as you bring yourself to the normal position.
  8. Repeat the yoga pose with the other leg.
  9. Do this yoga pose 8 times daily.


How to:

  1. Stand in a straight posture.
  2. Begin bending your left knee and wrap your left leg around your right such that the knees are placed over each other.
  3. Bring your arms to the shoulder level and wrap the right hand around your left hand. 
  4. Keep yourself steady and bring down your pelvic area gently.
  5. Hold the pose for 10 seconds.
  6. Release the pose gently and repeat the steps by switching the limbs. 
  7. Repeat the pose 6-8 times daily with intervals of 30 seconds each.

How Yoga Helps:

Yoga helps in hair health in several ways. To begin with, yoga improves blood circulation. It also helps to improve the circulation of blood to the hair follicles and hence helps in the transportation of nutrients to the scalp.

The second reason why yoga will provide long-term results for hair health is that helps in improving digestion. When the digestion improves, the absorption of essential nutrients and minerals also increases.  This is better for the overall hair health.

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Yoga also increases the oxygen supply to the scalp. This not only rejuvenates the scalp but also helps in preventing hair fall. The hairs that have already grown out are harder to repair since hair is essentially dead tissue. But if the follicles are nourished, the hair can grow out healthy and thick. This is where yoga can help in many ways.

NOTE: Yoga must be practiced carefully by beginners and people who have been experiencing severe back problems like a slipped disc. Under such cases, one must do yoga under the supervision of a professional practitioner. Apart from this, it is advised to do yoga poses early in the morning before having taken any food.