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Beauty She is 5 years old but Aishwarya still carries her in arms. Here’s the reason

She is 5 years old but Aishwarya still carries her in arms. Here’s the reason

By GP Team   

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a doting mother and we have seen how hands-on she is with her four-year-old, Aaradhya Bachchan. She takes the little one with her wherever she travels and schedules her shoots according to Aaradhya’s routine. Even while filming her latest movies Jazbaa and Sarbjit, she brought Aaradhya on sets to be around her. She also very rarely uses the help of maids and does all her daughter’s tasks on her own. 

When she returned from her Brand appearance at Cannes, we saw Aaradhya in Aishwarya’s arms. The little one had thrown a tantrum and Aishwarya tells a leading tabloid the full story of what had happened. 

“At one point when we were walking, she was in a great mood, even as people clicked pictures. She was laughing and saying something funny. But, when people started caving in, I had to pick her up because she is too tiny to handle all that. I had to steer my way through the crowd. It is just a protective instinct, I keep her close”, Ash was quoted as saying. 

When prodded about Aaradhya’s tantrum at the airport,”Aaradhya has seen it (the limelight) since birth and I would like to think she is used to it. But when Aaradhya saw these people (photographers) coming, she just wanted to stop in her tracks and squatted on the floor. I knew it was time for me to pick her up. I just wanted everyone to be safe, including my child,” she explained. 



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