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Pregnancy 7 commonly ignored earliest signs for pregnancy

7 commonly ignored earliest signs for pregnancy

By manisha   

Yes, there are earliest signs for pregnancy about which the awareness is less, hence, often they go unnoticed. I will be describing 7 such symptoms in this post.

earliest signs for pregnancy

earliest signs for pregnancy

(1) Hyper active senses : The nose smells even the mild things even if they are fairly distant too. The teeth become sensitive to cold and/or hot things. The gums might bleed while brushing teeth and flossing.

(2) Acne : It breaks out and your skin complexion worsens due to hormonal changes.

(3) Changed manner of sleeping : You notice extremism in the sleeping patterns. On one hand you will find it hard to fall sleep, and on the other hand you will get snoring deep sleeps.

(4) Reduction in falling out hair : The hair stop falling out, if earlier they used to fall frequently.

(5) Varicose veins : Bulging or enlarged purple blood veins on legs could also be a sign of pregnancy.

(6) Dreams : You tend to get more dreams (mostly bad ones) when you get proper sleep, and you may also remember the glimpses of these dreams throughout the day.

(7) Frequent yawning : Due to the extra work done by pregnant body, there is tiredness and this causes a significant increase in the yawning frequency.

So if you are trying and are enthusiastic about getting pregnant, no need to wait till the regular missed period indication. Just look out for these earliest signs for pregnancy .


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