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13 effective Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

By Glowpink Staff   

Cracks in the heels occur due to the dryness of the skin. The main causes behind cracked heels are due to prolonged standing at work or any other activities which keeps your feet busy, being overweight is another cause for dry feet, continuous exposure to water takes away the natural oil from the feet leaving behind dry cracked heels.
Our palms and feet are the areas where the skin produces no oil so they are usually dry. We need to feed them moister by applying sufficient moister on them. While the skin of the palms is soft, the skin of the feet is hard so it requires more care. If regular cleaning of the skin has been done by removing the dead skin, there are very few chances to get cracked heels. Still, if you get cracked heels even after scrubbing the dead skin and applying moisturizers, then do not ignore the first sign of cracks that are fine lines on the heels.

1. Lemon is the best product for cracked heel treatment. Squeeze a piece of lemon in a quarter bucket of warm water. After a while, use a pumice stone to rub your cracked heels. This helps to remove the dead skin.

2. Sesame oil is the best homemade home remedy. Rub the sesame oil gently on the foot. Leaving it overnight.

3. Coconut oil does wonders. With the palms of your hand, massage your heels well with coconut oil. Leave it overnight with a pair of socks on. Next morning rub your heels with the help of a pumice stone and wash well with hot water.

4. If your cracked heels are really bad and giving you pain then try this remedy to heal them. Melt paraffin wax and mix it with a little coconut oil. Fill this mixture into your cracked heels while going to bed. Wash it off in the morning. Filling this wax in your cracks for at least 10 days will fill the gap a lot and pain will be very less.

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5. Make a paste of banana pulp, avocado, and half a coconut. Using this paste, massage your foot gently. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse well with warm water. The coconut and avocado are rich in fat-soluble vitamins which will keep your feet moisturized.

6. The juice of papaya and lemon also helps for cracked heel treatment. Rub the juice on the heel and wash off after 15 to 20 minutes.

7. soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes, then scrub slowly with a pumice stone, apply cocoa butter. Leave it overnight.

8. Honey can actually work to improve the state of your feet and heals. It helps nourish and moisturize the skin very well and even helps to heal the skin by stimulating its regeneration. Moreover, it has strong antibacterial properties which help to disinfect the feet well. You can utilize it in a few different ways like through soaks, masks, or even a foot scrub.

9. Shea butter is also terrific for the skin and is a great moisturizer for it. It helps hydrate the skin very well to prevent issues like cracked heals. Moreover, it has a significant amount of essential vitamins A and E which are fantastic for the skin and helps in promoting skin healing and regeneration. Consequently, this remedy is highly effective in getting rid of cracked heels.

10. Vitamin E is essential for the good health of the skin. It is required by cells to facilitate new cells production and formation of tissues which are required to heal the skin keeping it healthy, strong, soft, and supple. Hence, utilizing vitamin E on heels can be very effective in healing any cracks there rapidly. Moreover, it promotes the hydration of skin too. To use it just break open a couple of vitamin E capsules and then massage the oil on your heels to heal them and turn them soft and smooth.

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11. You can prepare a Listerine, which is a mouthwash,  foot soak which is supposed to work very well in treating feet and healing cracked heels. To prepare this foot soak, combine 1 cup each of Listerine with white vinegar and add in a couple of cups of water. Then, soak your feet in the soak for about 15 minutes and afterward scrub the heels with a pumice stone and the likes. Lastly, just wash your feet and moisturize. Listerine contains compounds in it which help disinfect the feet to make them more hygienic while also helping to heal any cracks and such. Vinegar also adds on to this as it makes the skin more susceptible to exfoliation and consequently this remedy.

12. Vegetable oils are getting less popular as a cooking aid but you can definitely use them to improve your skin. Vegetable oils are generally filled with decent amounts of essential vitamins for the skin including A, D, and E. These components are terrific for the skin’s healing and regeneration and hence can be used, very effectively, to heal cracked heels and stuff like that. To utilize vegetable oils in this way, just massage a bit of on your heals. Then, pack them in socks and leave it on overnight. Use this remedy every day before you go to sleep to heal your heels quickly.

13. Olive oil, such an amazing oil, packed with tons of benefits for the skin, hair, and the body. So, it is no surprise that it can help heal cracked heels too and very well at that. It is a great nourisher of the skin and helps promote good and supple skin health. To use it, just massage it onto your heels for about 15 minutes. Then, wrap your feet in socks and then leave it for about an hour. Them, wash it off and you are done! You should use this remedy every day if you want to heal your cracked heels in no time.

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Look after your feet and prevent is from getting these ugly deep cracks. Add to your diet, foods that are rich in calcium ( milk, cheese, butter, curd, tinned fish, natural juices), iron ( vegetables, chicken, fish, cereals) and zinc ( brown rice, kidney bean, curd).

NOTE: No matter what you apply on your feet (oils, crack cream, homemade paste) completely wrap it with plastic cling film (the ones you use to cover food ) doing this locks the moisture in and you will get miraculous results.


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