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Health, Pregnancy 7 Expert-Approved Tips To Make Your Baby Smarter In The Womb

7 Expert-Approved Tips To Make Your Baby Smarter In The Womb

By Pradeepa Kumar   

Every pregnant woman must include proper diet and light exercises in daily schedule. Besides diet, there are a number of things that can contribute in physical and mental health of your baby. The last weeks of pregnancy are the best time to start the cognitive development of your baby in the womb itself. Make sure to include these 7 expert-approved tips in your schedule to give birth to healthy and smart baby.

1) Keep touching your baby bump after regular intervals.

According to the latest study published in PLOS ONE (Public Library of Science ONE), fetuses react more to the mother touching their belly rather than listening to their mother’s voice.

2) Mothers should keep speaking to the baby while touching their bellies.

When a mother speaks and touches her own belly, fetuses show more arm, head and mouth movements.

3) Healthy pregnant women are the ones who regularly rub their bellies.

Pregnant women were classified into these 3 categories for an experiment: one-third rubbed their belly, one-third talked to the babies and the other third just kept their arms at the sides. Sonography revealed the healthiest responses of fetuses from the first third category of pregnant women.

4) Kids start learning language skills from their mother’s womb itself.

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, children learn language skills in the womb when their parents strike a conversation with them.

5) You should read or speak to your baby in different languages.

Dr. Rebekka Levis, Assistant Professor at New York Medical College explained, “Babies who had been read to or spoken to in different languages developed the auditory fitness necessary to shape the brain for hearing and language development. It’s never too early to start reading and talking to your baby. We definitely know that babies can hear their mothers and recognize their voice while in utero.”

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6) Research suggests that babies absorb maximum information during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Newborn babies are smart enough to identify their mother’s language over a foreign language. It is necessary to have conversation with babies on regular basis.

7) Interaction motivates the child and tends to make the baby more active in the womb itself.

The author of this study, Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph.D stated, “The main message for new moms is that their babies are listening, learning and remembering during the last stages of pregnancy. Their brains do not wait for birth to start absorbing information.”

So, this is the secret to make your baby healthy and smarter in advance.


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