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Health, Pregnancy 7 simple pregnancy exercises

7 simple pregnancy exercises

By Dr. Nisha Kumar   

Gaining pregnancy weight in the right way will also help you shed the weight in an orderly way. Give in your food cravings but also be watchful about the weight. Regular visits to the gynecologists are of importance to avoid any weight-related complications.
Regular exercise during your pregnancy period will keep you fit, and also help keep your muscles toned. Expecting mothers should exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day.
If you have a history of miscarriages, ruptured membranes, a weak cervix, multiple pregnancies or heart and lung disease, take advice from your midwife or gynecologist before doing any of the following exercises.

Here is a list of seven simple exercise that you can do at home.

The exercises are categorized depending on the muscle groups they tone. These simple workout can be done without any weights or gym equipment.

Indoor activities-


Start in a forearm plank. Keeping abs tight and spine long, pick up right arm and right palm on the ground. Repeat on left side, ending up in a high-plank position. Now reverse the movement, replacing right palm with right elbow and left palm with the left elbow. That’s one rep. Be sure to keep hips still and facing the ground throughout the routine. Do ten reps, alternating starting arms with each rep. Plank is one of the best exercise or pregnant women. It also works on your glutes and hamstrings, strengthening your core and supports proper posture, balance.

2.Tricep Dips

Stand in front of a chair. Place hands on the seat of the chair with your fingers pointing forward. Keep back flat and walk legs out in front of the body. Bend arms and lower butt toward the ground, being sure to keep elbows directly behind the body. Straighten arms to complete one rep. Do ten reps. There is a lack of momentum during the dip movement. This keeps the triceps muscles contracted throughout the exercise and efficiently tones it.

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Position yourself parallel to the back of a chair, with the hand closest to the chair resting on it. Keep your feet parallel and hip-distance apart. Turn your toes and knees to 45 degrees and start pulling your belly button up and in. Slightly bend your knees, lowering your torso as low as possible. Monitor your back; it should be kept straight, avoid slouching. Straighten your legs to return to starting position. Repeat 5 reps, take a break and start over. This exercise strengthens your quadriceps, hamstrings, and butt. It also helps you improve your balance.


Lie on your right side and keep your head supported by the forearm. Bend your right leg at a 45-degree angle and keep your left leg straight. Place the opposite arm on the floor to gain stability. Lift your left leg to about hip height, hold it in the position for ten seconds and slowly get it back to the original position. Do ten reps. Now switch your position. Bend your left knee at 45-degree angle and straighten your right leg. Repeat the leg raises. This exercise strengthens your core and inner thighs.

5.Modified leg kicks

Position yourself as a tabletop, getting on all fours, your hands, and knees. Stretch your left leg straight and point it diagonally back. Keep your knee and tow facing downward. Hold it for few breaths and return to the start position. Do ten reps. Now switch your leg and continue doing the same workout. This exercise increases your lower body and core strength. It also improves your flexibility and tones the hamstrings.

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Outdoor activities-


Walking is the best natural exercise. If you are working during your pregnancy, this is the most comfortable exercise to fit into your schedule. Pregnant women should do a minimum of 30 minutes walking at least five times a week. Always wear proper footwear and comfortable outfits. Walking routine can be continued right up until your delivery date. This exercise will help tone your muscles and also improve your overall health. It lowers the chances of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. The brisk walking activity provides extra benefits as it increases your lung capacity. During your first trimester, you can choose running as your workout module. Towards the last trimester, running can exert extra force on your knees, joints, and ligaments. So stick to regular walking or brisk walking in the later stage of pregnancy. Stay hydrated and carry electrolytes or fluids if you are prone to feeling lightheaded.


Swimming is the perfect workout and is considered safe during pregnancy. In the water, our body weigh less so the water will make you feel lighter, this eases tension on your knees, joints and other ligaments. Swimming can also help relieve nausea, sciatic pain, and puffy ankles. It also increases the blood circulation. Studies suggest that swimming helps your baby to get into the best position for labor. In early pregnancy, all swimming strokes are suitable. However, in late pregnancy, keep simple swimming stroke. A breaststroke is beneficial around the third trimester as it strengthens the back muscles which could help ease the labor. Be careful while walking on slippery pool sides. Always step or slide into the water. As your pregnancy progresses, the body’s center of gravity will likely shift so avoid diving or jumping in the pool.

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Benefits of exercising during your pregnancy-

  1. An expecting mother who exercises regularly experience less back pain, and tiredness.
  2. The incidence of constipation and hemorrhoids are lowered.
  3. daily workout reduces the risk of gestational diabetes by 30%
  4. Experience fewer incidences and reduced severity of depression due to timely secretion of endorphins.
  5. Gain less weight during pregnancy and easily lose pregnancy weight.
  6. The babies born to mothers who exercise regularly are full term and normal weight.a
  7. Evidence has also shown that the babies born to pregnant women who work out regularly have a more mature brain and are quicker to develop neurologically.
  8. The babies also develop a healthier heart with a lower resting heart rate after birth.
  9. The babies also experience a reduced risk of respiratory distress at birth, if born to high-risk mothers.



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