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Beauty 8 steps to apply lipstick perfectly

8 steps to apply lipstick perfectly

By Glowpink Staff   

Lipstick is the most important tool of beauty kit. A lipstick can instantly brighten your look. Every girl is more confident when she know that she is looking beautiful and everyone is looking at her. But you should pay proper attention when applying lipstick perfectly otherwise it can degrade your overall look. Poorly-shaped lips or smudged lip contour are very common problem that you will notice in women.

Follow these 10 steps to apply lipstick perfectly

1. Exfoliate lips with toothbrush

Rub a clean toothbrush on lips getting all areas, it will remove the dead skin from your lips.

Apply a bit of lip balm or Vaseline to your toothbrush and brush your lips.

Exfoliate lips with toothbrush

2. Apply lip balm

Apply a thin layer of lip balm. This is very important so lipstick stays for longer and also it keeps your lips soft.

apply lip balm

3. Apply lipliner

This is very important so you have a closed off area. Trace an outline with lipliner just inside the natural lining of your lips.If you are beginner start with natural lip liner so your mistakes are not visible

Apply lipliner

4. Apply lipstick

If you are not an expert, use a bruch to apply lipstick, so lipstick stay inside the line from the lip liner.Make sure to get the inner corners. It’s easy to see the inner corners of your mouth when you talk and nothing looks worse than having bold coloured lips and having white corners.

Apply lipstick

5. If you want shiny experience, apply lip gloss. Not recommended for daily office life.

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6. Apply a thin line of around your lip liner and blend. This helps prevent feathering and creates a highlight and draws attention to your mouth.

7. Apply a second coat of lipstick

Blot with a tissue and dust with translucent powder, then apply a second coat.

8. Apply a waxy lip balm

If you want a natural ombre lipstick to pop out then follow the steps listed down below:

  1. Apply concealer around your mouth to neutralise the darkness. This step will also ensure that your lipstick pops out.
  2. Take your foundation, make tiny dots on your lips and blend it well with a beauty blender.
  3. Once you have blended the foundation, take an angular brush, sweep it over a darker lip shade, outline your lips and then fill in your lips with your favorite lipstick.
  4. Blend the rough edges very well so that it looks like a natural ombre.
  5. Top it up with a coat of lip balm to look your best.

If you want to pull off an all-natural lip look at work then follow the steps listed down below:

  1. Apply concealer around your mouth area so that the color pops out and gives an all-natural finish.
  2. Blend it in with a beauty blender, and then apply the foundation on your lips so that your lipstick spreads evenly.
  3. Apply a stroke of an ivory pencil to cancel discoloration if any.
  4. Apply your nude lip color.
  5. Apply some talcum powder on top of your lipstick to make it pop out.


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