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Beauty, Skin care 9 Steps to do hands and legs waxing at home

9 Steps to do hands and legs waxing at home

By Glowpink Staff   

Every girl wants silky hands, legs and for this we do spend lot of money on parlour but now if you do not want to spend money on parlour follow these steps to do waxing at home. When you go for waxing make sure that your hairs are at least 1/4 inch long.

Step 1 – Put your wax container on heat for about 20 seconds. Do not overheat otherwise consistency will not be okay for waxing. For wax consistency should be a little thicker than syrup.

wax container on heat

Step 2 – Apply a light dusting of powder.Powder helps the Nads to stick only to the hairs and not so much to your skin.

powder before wax

Step 3 – Apply thin layer of wax evenly in the direction of hair growth using applicator (wooden stick) to a large area of hair. Do not apply thick layer because that is hard to remove

apply wax

Step 4 – Apply strip in the direction of hair growth and press it on your skin

apply wax strip

Step 5 – Remove the strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth.Grasp onto the end of strip that isn’t attached to hair. Hold skin taut with one hand, and remove strip in opposite direction of hair growth in one quick pull, all the way to the other side.

remove wax strip

Step 6 – Use tweezers to remove any hairs missed by wax

Step 7 – Rinse with water

rinse with water

Step 8 – If the wax is still there, remove it with baby oil or petroleum jelly

Step 9 – Apply lotion

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