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Beauty, Skin care Why acne always pops up on your face

Why acne always pops up on your face

By Glowpink Staff   

No one like acne/pimples, especially when they pop up on face but every one experience them, situation is worst for people who get acne frequently. If you are also one of them, here are possible reasons why acne doesn’t leave your face. Read and try to avoid them

acne on face

1. Highly salted-diet

If your diet includes salty snacks, they might be the cause behind your acne. For an acne free skin you should add more number of green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

2. Dirty hands

in most of the cases dirty hands are among the major contributing factors of acne. Generally all of us have habit to touch our face frequently and most of the time hands are not clean. To avoid this wash your hads at regular intervals so they are always clean

3. Harsh chemicals on face

If you have a sensitive skin that is prone to acne and breakouts then you should be extra careful in picking your skincare products. Since some products are formulated with ingredients that can be reasons for acne. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to pick products that are labeled as ‘non-comodogenic’.

4. Habit of plucking the acne

Do you have this temptation?

If yes, stop it right now.

This habit further worsens the situation, as popping the zits may leave your skin with a permanent scar. The risks of infection are also higher.


5. Genetics

Sometimes you can blame your genes, for everything that is wrong with your skin. Your genes play a major role in determining your overall appearance. Consult your family doctor to find out if it is in your genes, if yes, then there is nothing much that you can do about it, except for applying topical ointments to treat pimples.

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6. Eating oily food or junk food

It is next to impossible to cut down junk food completely. However, you can consume fast food in moderation, probably only during your cheat days. Oily food affects your internal systems and that leads to pimples and acne on your face.

7. Not exercising

A pimple pops up on your face if you do not sweat. Yes, you read that right. Your body gets rid of free radicals naturally by sweating, but if you do not exercise or engage yourself in some kind of strenuous physical activity, then your body won’t be able to release the free radicals and this will ultimately lead to a pimple.

8. A sudden hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can occur due to many reasons, do not jump into a conclusion by yourself, consult a medical professional to find out the root cause of this problem.

9. Drugs

Stop taking over the counter drugs without consulting a doctor. Women often consume birth control pills without seeking medical help. This can also lead to pimples or an allergic reaction to show up on your face.

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