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Beauty, Home remedies, Skin care Acne on Buttocks – Home remedies to get rid of it

Acne on Buttocks – Home remedies to get rid of it

By Glowpink Staff   

Natural oil

Using coconut oil on the butt pimple is nothing but a natural way of treating this acne problem with great care. Coconut oil helps to cure the butt pimples effectively so use it to get benefited by it.

Honey treatment

A nature’s gift honey is an excellent solution to cure many skin problems including butt pimples. It is also believed to cure wounds with its medicinal properties. So it is one of the remedy to cure butt pimple.

Baking soda

One of the best effective remedy you can try at home is using baking soda. Prepare a thick paste out of the baking soda and water. Keep this paste on the pimple and lie down on your belly. Hold it for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off. This remedy cleans and treats the butt pimple in few fast days.

Maintain hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is a precise way to prevent the happening of many problems. Bacteria which is the main cause of pimple can born and live on any medium. It grows fast by feeding on the sebum.So make choices that helps to keep you clean and fresh to avoid such conditions.

Undergarments care

What you wear matter big while coming to skin problems.So always look for clean, neat and comfortable undergarments. Help your skin take breath by wearing the comfortable clothes rather than the tight and uneasy ones.

Acne combating ingredients

Use the products that are consisting of Benzoyl-peroxide to cure the butt pimple. Also try using the salicyclic acid which is renowned to fight with the butt pimples. Salicyclic acid reduces inflammation, exfoliates the skin and there by gives you best results.

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Also follow

Do not stay with the dress from the day start to the end, change it frequently to avoid sweating and clogging of pores.
Wearing cotton clothing is the best way to make your skin take breath.
Keep the area clean; clean it for three to four times a day.
Do not use cosmetics and sprays which may irritate you.

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