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Acne, Beauty, Skin care Acne treatment at HOME!

Acne treatment at HOME!

By Gayathri Iyer   

Acne & scars can be really annoying & embarrassing to go around with! It not only dulls your skin but also can cause pain & irritation in some cases.

Fret not, for we are here!

Here are some magic ingredients from your own kitchen that can help you say goodbye to these monsters in days! You can be your own doctor. Skin-brightening, acne treatment, blemishes & scars – everything can be gotten rid by using simple masks, oils & juices; taking just 10-15 minutes from your daily life & giving you phenomenal results.

Natural products from our kitchen can be very useful in treating skin problems. Their non-chemical base makes it accessible to all without any irritation or allergic reactions. Apart from these treatments, make sure to regulate your diet & drink lots of water for it helps flush out toxins from your skin.


The most common household ingredient, coconut oil is a wonder tool for our body! Coconut oil can be used in food, for body & hair as well. Most importantly for treating our acne & scar problems. Being an oil, it possesses its natural nourishing property. It retains the moisture of the skin while possessing healing and soothing properties. It nourishes the skin & helps reduces irritation. it heals blemishes and scars by not only lightening them but also healing them faster.

Apply the oil whenever possible on the spots. Gently massage, don’t rub or press the acne spot. Scars will visibly reduce with regular use.

If coconut oil is heavy for you to carry around, you can try the other lighter oils from the list.

  1. LEMON
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Known quite for its bleaching properties, this is also a power tool we possess in our house. Being rich in natural acid it acts directly on scars/dark patches & bleaches it out. Make sure to do a patch test of the concentration of the juice before applying it. If necessary, you can dilute it and then apply it with a cotton ball. Keep for about 15-20 minutes [Provided no irritation. If any irritation, immediately wash.] & then rinse off with cold water. Do this at least once every day for best results. However, keep it away from your eyebrow or hair; in a greater concentration, prolonged exposure to it leads to bleaching of hair.


Another wonder oil which is known for its beauty application, tea tree oil is useful for nourishment & relief from acne & scars. It is known for its anti-bacterial properties & helps fight pimples. It reduces redness & swelling & speeds up the healing. It fights the bacteria causing the pimples & regular use could help in avoiding pimples altogether.

You could use the oil directly on your skin. Always do a patch test prior to it. All essential oils have to diluted with a carrier oil before using it in its pure state. Just take a few drops of the oil & gently massage it. You can choose to wash it off after a while or keep it on.

This being a lighter oil can be used for application throughout the day & can be carried along.


Our common kitchen ingredient, fenugreek seeds have a bigger application in skin care. It is known for its cooling properties. Soak the seeds overnight & make a thick paste of it. You could combine it with milk & turmeric if you wish. Apply this paste to the affected areas & leave for sometime. Since it is all natural & no acidic ingredient, there are very less chances of irritation unless you are allergic to it. Wash it off & repeat.

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This can be more of a weekend spa treatment for yourself as it demands you to have it on for some time till it completely dries off.


Rich in vitamins & minerals, rosehip seed oil treatment is said to be one of the best alternative treatments for acne.  It speeds up the healing of the acne/ pimple by cleansing the pores. The oil generation by our own body when it gets dry is the cause for acnes & pimples. Appling a lighter oil on the skin helps keep it moisturized & at the same time, keeps it from generating its own oil.

Again, a light oil that you can put on as a daily moisturizer depending on your skin type.

  1. MULTANI MITTI/ FULLER’S EARTH – this face pack is something all of us have tried & it has been there from generations. Natural earth has extensive cooling & smoothening properties by itself. Multani Mitti mask also leaves your face shining & soft & lightens the skin tone & reduces marks/ scars. You get Multani Mitti as it is which can be made into a paste by adding plain water or rose water. Multani mitti readymade masks are also available which you can use.

An essential beauty item in everyone’s list has to be aloe. These days there are alove vera gel packaged & available. It is recommended to use fresh gel from a potted plant. Grind the solid gel till it forms a paste, then you can apply it as it is on your face & hair. It has a healing touch without having any irritability. Its cools the skin/surface & helps lighten it.

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Available in your kitchen, baking soda can help get rid of dreadful acne faster than natural products. Make a paste of it & apply to spots carefully [ Do a patch test prior]. Keep it for about 15 minutes before you wash it off with cold water. Repeat it once everyday till your shine is back.

Baking soda is known for its bleaching properties & is a mild bleaching agent.


Apple cidar vinegar is known to be a powerful astringent which helps increase blood flow to cells thereby speeding the healing process of pimples & acne. Dilute the vinegar with some water & apply it directly onto the scars with a cotton ball.


These vegetables are known to heal & reduce acne & scars effectively. Also these can be used on a daily basis irrespective of whether you have acne or not.

Use slices or juice of these veggies [separately] & dilute it if necessary. Apply with a cotton ball on to the affected areas or use as a face lotion. Keep it for 10 minutes & rinse it off with cold water.

In case of slices, cut thin slices & place them on the acne/scar regions.

Tomato is known for its skin brightening quality; cucumber soothes & cool the skin & reduces irritation while potato is known for treating discolouration of skin.



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