All in one hair growth serum

Create your own hair growth serum at home to not only manage frizz and enhance shine but also stimulate hair growth. Apply it to slightly damp hair after washing or use a small amount on your hair and scalp before bedtime.

Discover the complete recipe for this homemade hair serum using just three ingredients:

  1. Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Black Seed Oil
  3. Rosemary Oil

Begin by placing one tablespoon of aloe vera gel in a clean mixing bowl. Aloe vera contributes to healthy cell growth and imparts a glossy finish to your hair.

Whether you opt for commercial or fresh aloe vera gel, note that store-bought aloe vera remains viable for up to a month, while the fresh version, requiring refrigeration, has a shorter shelf life of approximately 4-5 days.

To promote hair growth, add a teaspoon of black seed oil to the aloe vera gel.

Further, incorporate a ¼ cup of rosemary oil into the mixture to encourage a healthy scalp.

Thoroughly blend all the ingredients until achieving a runny, gel-like consistency.

Transfer the homemade hair growth serum into a dropper bottle with care.

Application is simple – a few drops on your scalp and hair are all you need to harness the benefits of this potent DIY hair growth serum. In just five minutes, create a delightful serum with a pleasant fragrance and powerful ingredients that combat hair loss and foster hair growth.