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Pregnancy All you wanted to know about the trimesters of pregnancy

All you wanted to know about the trimesters of pregnancy

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Normally a healthy pregnancy starts from the first day of your last menstrual period and lasts for around 36 to 40 weeks. This period consists of three stages known as the Trimesters of Pregnancy. Each trimester can range from 12 to 14 weeks. In this post we will understand each of these three trimesters.

trimesters of pregnancy

trimesters of pregnancy

First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy spans across 13 weeks. Though your body is going through many changes but still you don’t appear pregnant. You start experiencing headaches, constipation, fatigue etc , all because of enormous hormonal changes. Your heart beats faster to increase the blood supply for the developing fetus.By the end of the first trimester the fetus develops all the organs. As it is a very important phase its strictly advised to quit smoking and consuming alcohol. A healthy diet rich in folic acid is must for the neural health of the baby.

Second Trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy is far more comfortable than the first and also the third. It ranges from 13th-14th week to 26th-27th week of pregnancy. The bulge in abdomen gets bigger with the growth in the size of uterus. By the end of the trimester the baby grows to about double of the size at the end of the first trimester .Due to this your weight will increase possibly causing leg cramps. But apart from these minor problems, its the time to announce the big news and also get some screening and diagnostics tests are done. Needless to mention continuous intake of healthy diet.

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Third Trimester

The third trimester of pregnancy would need the highest level of medical care and attention. It starts from 27th-28th week till delivery which normally happens around 40th week of pregnancy. Regular tests are done for urine , blood pressure and heart rate of the fetus. Baby’s position is determined by the Doctor along with keeping track of the body’s overall preparation for the delivery. One must learn about labor and delivery to mentally prepare for the big day, its advised that your partner should also participate in this education.


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