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Beauty, Skin care Aloe vera trick to get fair skin super fast

Aloe vera trick to get fair skin super fast

By GP Team   

We all wants to look beautiful always and that also in less time and that’s why we took help of cosmetics most of the time but in long term they only damage your skin. Little bit of makeup is no doubt mandatory in today’s life style but if you apply heavy make up daily, it will close your skin pores and will damage it very badly. You skin can’t breathe under heavy make up layer so it is always better to avoid it.

Today I will tell you one natural remedy that can give you fair glowing skin and at the same time will make your skin spotless

For this remedy you will need

A fresh aloe vera leaf
Rose water

Cut it from 3 sides and remove its gel from a spoon
Add some rose water in this gel
Mix it well
Leave it for few minutes
Rub this serum on your face for 10-15 minutes continuously
Leave it for more 10-20 minutes and then wash your face with plain water



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