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Uncategorized Amazing weight loss story of sonakshi – 90Kg to 60kg in few months

Amazing weight loss story of sonakshi – 90Kg to 60kg in few months

By Glowpink Staff   

In bollywood Sonakshi sinha is famous for her tremendous weight loss. Sonakshi sinha started her film career from Dabangg and now she is successful actor. It was Salman khan who forced coaxed sonakshi to join film industry and because of this she started weight loss journey. Before joining films she was 90 kg.

sonakshi sinha before after

She lost a few kilos in a month which boosted her morale. It was not very easy as expected. She did:

Weight training
Functional training

She also did power yoga three times in a week initially and later 4 to 5 times in a week.

Diet diary of Sonakshi

Perhaps the biggest challenge for Sonakshi was to give up eating junk food and start eating healthy. Her trainer put her on a high-protein, low-carb diet to support her strenuous workout.
She also drank several cups of green tea throughout the day and kept herself hydrated with adequate amount of water.

Another diet rule Sonakshi followed was eating small meals every three hours and avoiding carbs after 6 pm.
Here’s what her diet plan consisted of:

  • Breakfast: Cereal and milk or whole wheat toast
  • Mid morning: Some dry fruits and a cup of green tea
  • Lunch: Home-made roti and sabzi with salad
  • Evening: A fruit or a cup of green tea
  • Dinner: Dal, chicken, egg whites and fish

The Dabangg girl of tinsel town has inspired many with her weight-loss journey. We have listed down some of the most effective tips and tricks shared by this beauty to lose weight and get back in shape:

  • You can start your day with a glass of warm water mixed with a little bit of lemon juice and manuka honey to flush out harmful toxins from your body and look your best naturally. Following this simple step will kick start your metabolism and help you in your weight-loss journey.
  • Do not skip your breakfast. If you would like to follow Sonakshi Sinha’s weight loss tips then make sure that you consume a fulfilling breakfast like muesli with low-fat milk and some fruits. This heavy breakfast will keep your tummy filled and it won’t distract your mind while working.
  • Do not consume anything after breakfast until lunch.
  • Have a chapati, boiled vegetables and some sweet corn for lunch. Alternatively, you can also consume a big bowl of vegetable soup to get a naturally glowing skin.
  • Well, when you are on a crash diet, you can always enjoy a bowl of fresh exotic fruits every day. It will also detoxify your skin naturally.
  • Have a cup of green tea or chamomile tea in the evening, at least 3 hours before dinner.
  • Have a chapati with greek yogurt at night every day and sleep for at least 8-10 hours to look your best.
  • You can sometimes have a cup of lentils, green vegetable curry, boiled chicken breast etc for dinner.
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You have to be consistent with this diet plan if you want to shed some weight. You have to wait for at least 3 months to see the visible changes coming.

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