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Weight loss An Amazing drink that melts body fat in just 4 days

An Amazing drink that melts body fat in just 4 days

By Glowpink Staff   

The fat accumulation is a common issue nowadays and many people are suffering from it. You might have got a lot of suggestion about how to reduce the fat in minimum days and in effortless manner like exercise, balance diet as well as workouts. What if we provide you an amazing drink which will melt your fat in only 4 days? Surprised! Well, but it is true. Here is the recipe for a drink which reduces fat in no time.

Things you need

Water- 8 glasses
Ginger root- 1 tsp (grated)
Cucumber- 1 (medium sized)
Lemon- 1 (medium sized)
Mint leaves- 12

Things you should do

Take 1 medium size of a cucumber, peel and grate it.
Add juice of 1 lemon in it.
Now, make a paste of 12 mint leaves in a separate plate.
Mix all the ingredients with 1 tsp ginger and keep it overnight.
Add 8 glass of water to the ingredients in the morning.
Now, drink this juice through the day whenever you are thirsty.
Follow this remedy for at least 4 consecutive days to melt the fat.



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