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Just add these 2 things with gram flour to get beautiful glowing skin like never before

Today, in this post, I will share 2 simple face packs with gram flour to get instant glow on your face Face Pack #1 To get instant glow on your face In a clean bowl, take 2 tbsp of gram flour. In this add, few drops of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of milk cream. […]

Wanna have salon like straight hair, try this DIY hair mask !!

Today in this video I am going to share one very simple hair mask that will make your frizz free and super straight. This hair mask is made up of all natural ingredients and will do only good for your hair To prepare this hair mask you will need, –1 Cup of Coconut milk, if […]

Just apply this on hair roots and your hair growth will never stop

Generally there are two types of hair problems, some people are suffering fro hair fall and for some of them hair fall is not a main problem but they have zero hair growth. Many people complain to me that there hair length is constant since a year, if you’re also one among them, this post […]

DIY skin whitening serum with milk

Today in this post I will share one skin whitening serum that you can easily prepare at home with milk. To prepare this serum you’ll need: 1/2 cup raw milk 1/4 tsp salt 2 tsp of glycerin Turmeric powder Juice of 1/2 lemon Preparation & Application: In half cup of raw milk add juice of […]

3 days Challenge to get rid of large open skin pores

in this post I am going to share some simple remedies to shrink size of large open skin pores Remedy #1 – Prevent large open skin pores In a clean bowl take 2 tbsp of crushed sugar. Add 1 tbsp of honey in this Next add 1 tbsp of lemon juice in this Apply this […]

I used to be lazy, but this 2 minute beauty trick changed my skin forever

I know there are many people like me, who just wash there face once in day during bath and they’re done !! am I right? No worries !! I was also just like that, but suddenly I realised that its never too late and soon I started with some simple skin care changes. Within just […]

Just spray this water on your hair and you’ll not lose a single hair

Today in this post I am going to share one hair care secret. This is one hair spray that will work sure for you to boost your hair growth. If you’ve tried everything but nothing worked for hair growth, just try this and share your results in comment section with us You will need 1/2 […]

Do this honey facial to get instant golden glow on your face !!

A very effective special skin whitening facial at home, whiten your face instantly for any occasion and party. Magical Skin Whitener Facial Get Spotless, Clean, Clear Glowing & Bright Skin just in 7 Days. This Remedy is very effective for permanent skin whitening. This facial will complete in 4 easy steps Step #1 – cleansing […]

One hair mask that will stop hair fall in just 1 use and re-grow new hair like never before

Today in this post I am going to share one mazing hair mask that will stop your hair fall and will boost new hair growth To prepare this hair mask you will need Bay leaves Lemon Yogurt Preparation and application Take some bay leaves and grind them until you get fine powder. We need around […]

10 rules to wash your hair properly with shampoo and conditioner

Today I am going to share 10 rules that you must follow during hair wash Rule #1 – Oiling Oiling is must before shampoo. Shampoo will dry out your hair so it is mandatory to apply oil on your hair at least 2-3 hours before Tip – If you have hair fall problems, also add […]